The Office of Faculty Development

Grades and Equity Gaps Dashboard

Utilize the faculty dashboard to access equity gaps data and explore tools to secure academic equity for all students. View the information below for more resources.

In addition to your individual dashboard, the Chancellor's Office has a CSU dashboard(opens in new window) where you can view data on student success for Chico or any other University in the system.

Access to the Dashboard

Access to this dashboard is by individual login; instructors will only see data from their own courses. No other person outside of Institutional Research will have access to a faculty member's dashboard. Individual faculty grade data shall be kept confidential within IR and that data shall not be provided to any interested parties on campus or otherwise, but only be available for individual instructor’s access and usage until pertinent governing policy is established. You must be an active faculty member to connect to this dashboard: to view the dashboard, faculty must either be on campus or use a VPN (global protect)(opens in new window) client if off-campus.

The data in the dashboard is intended to generate thoughtful reflections and discussions, leading to pedagogical adjustments that may decrease equity gaps. It is not intended to be evaluative in nature, therefore shall not be used for RTP purposes. Where relevant to Department Standards, faculty could discuss steps they have taken to address their equity gaps in their RTP materials as evidence of excellence in teaching. Resulting classroom innovations may also provide opportunities for research and publication in the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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