The Office of Faculty Development


Faculty Development is excited to launch the FDEV zine as a way to share information about programs, events, and resources. The FDEV zine, released on the first Monday of each month, contains news from the Advisory Board, updates about the faculty learning communities, and timely discussions about the faculty experience at Chico State and in higher education more broadly. Following the zine tradition, this publication focuses on expression and creativity, so every issue will look different and will include contributions from the campus community. We encourage faculty, staff, and students to submit photographs, digital art, drawings, poetry, editorials, and other forms of expression to make sure the FDEV zine can thrive in both content and design. Please contact FDEV Director Chiara Ferrari ( in new window)) to contribute to the FDEV zine. Click on each photograph below to access the FDEV zine in its original format. For best viewing, we recommend opening the FDEV Zine in Adobe Acrobat.

FDEV Zine February 2021 Issue Cover image.
February 2021
Introductory Zine
FDEV Zine March 2021 Issue Cover image.
March 2021
Pandemic Pedagogy
FDEV Zine April 2021 Issue Cover image.
April 2021
Teaching & Storytelling
FDEV Zine May 2021 Issue Cover image.
May 2021
Equity & Diversity
FDEV Zine October 2021 Issue Cover image
October 2021
Faculty Survey
FDEV Zine November 2021 Issue Cover image
November 2021
Lecturer Resources
FDEV Zine December 2021 Issue Cover image
December 2021
A Conversation with CFA
FDEV Zine February 2022 Issue Cover image
February 2022
FDEV Faculty Fellows
FDEV Zine March 2022 Issue Cover image
March 2022
Scholarship on Women
FDEV Zine April 2022 Issue Cover image
May 2022