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Faculty Learning Communities

A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) is a faculty group that collaborates during a semester, or year-long program, toward completing specific objectives and deliverables. All FLCs are structured with the goal to provide discussion, learning, and development of relevant teaching practice, scholarship, and community building.

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  • Faculty Writing Community

    The  Office of Faculty Development (FDEV) is sponsoring a Faculty Writing Community in Spring 2023 with the goal to create a space for faculty to share their research ideas and publication goals, while supporting and motivating each other.

    Faculty will be working in cohorts led by three to four mentors (depending on the number of applications received). Each cohort will schedule a mandatory kick-off meeting in early spring based on the participants’ availability. Your facilitator will reach out to you in January 2023.

    The idea is to allow for as much flexibility as possible, so subgroups of writing partners will be established within each cohort. The writing partners are expected to meet regularly, establish goals for themselves, schedule a timeline to complete the work, and hold each other accountable for progress. The facilitators will provide resources to their cohorts, support towards your goals, and overall guidance in completing your writing objectives. 

    Writing Community Expectations and Deliverables 

    The key deliverable of the Writing Community is the completion of a preliminary draft for publication or other purposes (conference paper and/or presentation, book or dissertation chapter, book proposal, article, grant proposal, etc.). In addition, faculty will be required to complete a mid-semester survey and a final survey.  Read the full call for applications (Google Doc).

    Deliverables are due by May 31st, 2023 to your cohort mentor.

  • Chairs Academy

    The Office of Faculty Development(opens in new window) is partnering with the Office of Academic Personnel (opens in new window) and Dr. Ryan Patten (Associate Dean for the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences) to offer a series of workshops and information sessions designed to train new Department Chairs in key aspects of this leadership role and provide tools to navigate the Chairs’ duties and responsibilities.

    All meetings will be held in Colusa 111. We strongly encourage in person attendance, but if you cannot make it and need to attend remotely, please let FDEV Director Chiara Ferrari know (, and she will provide a Zoom link.

    • Workshop 1: CBA, Contracts, Lecturers Order of Assignment + Faculty Concerns
      Friday, September 23rd, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (Mahalley Allen & Ryan Patten)
    • Workshop 2: Budget and Scheduling
      Friday, October 14th, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. (Mahalley Allen, Ryan Patten, Roy Dunlap, Peter Kittle, Stephanie Rose)
    • Workshop 3: Communication, Reporting, and Analytics + Student Complaints
      Friday, October 28th, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  (Ryan Patten & Kevin Patton)
    • Workshop 4: Staff Supervision and Evaluation
      Friday, November 4th, 12:00-2:00 p.m. (Mahalley Allen, Ryan Patten, Chiara Ferrari)

    You can access the information and tools presented during the workshops from this folder(opens in new window). In addition,  we are happy to share a few resources that you can access at your own pace and can provide broader perspectives about leadership.

  • Universal Design for Learning (Fall 2022 & Spring 2023)

    The  Office of Faculty Development (FDEV) and READI, the new hub for Research in Equity, Antiracism, Diversity and Inclusion are offering a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) faculty learning community (FLC).

    In this FLC, participants are invited to think about UDL in the design of their assignments, assessments, and activities to promote inclusion, accessibility, and student success. During the FLC, participants will be guided through the creation of interactive lessons, activities, and assessments that align with the principles, guidelines, and checkpoints of UDL. This FLC will provide a space for faculty to discuss and trial pedagogies focused on maintaining and sustaining student engagement and promoting inclusion and accessibility through the design of lessons, activities, and assessments.  Read the full call for applications (Google Doc)

    FLC Leads: Jamie Gunderson, School of Education and Kathryn Mercurio, Marketing Department.

  • HSI Professional Development Initiative (Spring 2023)

    The Office of Faculty Development and  The Latinx Equity and Success is offering a series of workshops in Spring 2023 to share data, information, research, funding opportunities, and resources about Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI). Chico State officially became an HSI in Fall 2014 (based on enrollment) and became eligible for Title III and Title V HSI grants programs in Fall 2015 (more information is available on the  Latinx Equity and Success website). This professional development initiative is an opportunity to discuss how the institution has changed and grown since then, how we can promote student success and servingness as an HSI, and how we can assess the effectiveness of our efforts.  Read the full call for applications (Google Doc).

    The entire campus community is invited to attend and participate in these workshops. 

    All workshops are offered on Thursdays, 11:00-12:30 p.m., in person, in Tehama 116. 

    You can access the  schedule (Google Doc) to learn more about each workshop.  

  • EDI Teaching (EDIT) Series (Spring 2023)

    The Office of Faculty Development(opens in new window)  in collaboration with the  READI Hub(opens in new window) will be offering an EDI Teaching Series in Spring 2023. The series is led by Dr. Alisa Wade (History), in collaboration with Allison McConnell (TLP) and Chiara Ferrari (Faculty Development). The series includes six workshops, and is designed to offer faculty an introduction to basic concepts of equity, diversity, inclusion, and how they can be implemented in the classroom, to create more equitable and accessible learning environments. 

    All workshops are offered on Monday afternoons, 3:00-4:30 p.m., via Zoom. 

    You can access the schedule (Google Doc) to learn more about each workshop.