The Office of Faculty Development

New Faculty Mentoring Program

Coordinator: Matthew Thomas

Purpose:  To establish a structure for meaningful, practical and ongoing professional support for new tenure track faculty that will facilitate their development as teachers and scholars and their successful integration into the life of their departments and colleges, the University, and the Chico area community.    

Structure: New faculty will be grouped by college into cohorts of 5-7 with one mentor each who is an established faculty member in that college.  Mentors will work with faculty for the first two years of their tenure-track position.

Year One Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Meet cohort at the New Faculty Orientation and participate with them in relevant portions of the program
  • Work with the Director of Faculty Development to design and help facilitate a yearlong series of First Friday Workshops to address topics such RTP, integration with their departments, pedagogy, work-life balance, and other issues as needed.
  • Offer opportunities for formative classroom observations and invite cohort members to observe the mentor’s classes where relevant
  • Offer individual consultation on professional development and preparation of the RTP dossier
  • Facilitate connections with relevant campus personnel
  • Strengthen cohort relationships with each other and with the mentor through informal check-ins and/or social gatherings
  • Meet once a semester with the Director of Faculty Development to share experiences across cohorts, assess the success of the program, and offer suggestions for its improvement

Year Two Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Meet with Year One Mentors before the semester starts to coordinate efforts
  • Hold college-based RTP workshops early in the fall semester in preparation for Performance Evaluation
  • Organize and facilitate a workshop exclusively for Year Two Faculty on developing a service profile
  • Continue to offer classroom visits and invitations to observe the mentor’s classes
  • Continue to provide informal support

Assessment: The Director of Faculty Development will administer a survey of new faculty at the midpoint and end of the first year and at the end of the second to assess the success of the mentoring program. The Director will also meet with mentors to solicit their feedback on the program at regular intervals but no less than once a semester.  

2020-2021 New Faculty for CSU, Chico.
2021-2022 New Faculty
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