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  • If you have students who have not engaged in your courses and who have not responded to your attempts at connection:  
    • Please send their names to Academic Advising Programs ( in new window)) whose staff will conduct an “attendance check” to determine levels of engagement in all of the student’s courses and related support programs (if any), and take any needed follow-up action.    
  • If you have students with technical or instructional challenges related to the transition (internet connections, using tech tools, online tutoring, etc.): 
    • Please refer them to the Chico State Keep Learning site, which includes a rich set of resources as well as a live chat option from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. 
  • If you have students who need more help than you and the Keep Learning(opens in new window) site can provide (considering drops/withdrawals, financial hardships, fall registration issues, etc.): 
    • Please send their names to the College Advising and Retention Specialist (or designee) for your college.

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