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November 2019 Tuesday Tips

5 November 2019:

With the anniversary of the Camp Fire heavy on our hearts this week, it’s a good opportunity to take a moment for yourself to pause. Consider giving yourself a “10-minute Sabbatical” to reflect and recharge. Take a walk through the colorful leaves in Bidwell Park, meditate in the Zen Den(opens in new window) in BMU 301, or do something that truly enriches you. If you were affected by the Camp Fire and prefer to be with other people this week, there are group-counseling sessions(opens in new window) on Tuesday 11/5, Wednesday 11/6, and Thursday 11/7 to discuss the emotional impacts and next steps for faculty and staff affected by the Camp Fire.

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12 November 2019:

Given our students’ agility with online communication, using discussion forums in Blackboard can be an effective way to engage students in the learning process outside the classroom. Here are some tips that emerged from the attached peer-reviewed paper on the topic:

  • To promote equity and allow marginalized voices to be heard, online discussions may allow students to participate who often need more processing time to contribute to a discussion.
  • Keep discussion groups to 14 or less.
  • Faculty should be somewhat “present” in online discussions to clarify concepts and keep students on track.
  • Some students may be more reflective, honest, and willing to discuss sensitive topics in an online discussion.
  • Prompt questions and discussion topics posed by the instructor should relate to your course learning objectives and build in complexity and depth as the semester progresses.
  • Online discussions should be assessed in some way (e.g. quality and quantity of students’ contribution to the discussion, whether or not students initiate discussions or just respond)

For assistance on how to facilitate an effective and engaging online discussion, contact the Technology & Learning Program.(opens in new window)

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19 November 2019:

Every spring, the CSU offers a 2-day symposium focused on effective teaching and learning. This spring, the symposium is scheduled on March 13th - 14th, 2020, at CSU Fullerton and sessions will focus on inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and student success (see attached flier for more info). The call for proposals(opens in new window) is open until November 26th. If you are passionate about teaching, consider attending or proposing a presentation.