The Office of Faculty Development

August 2020 Tuesday Tips

25 August 2020:

Welcome back, dear faculty!

I would like to use this first Tuesday Tip to introduce myself and some of the resources in Faculty Development. 

My name is Chiara Ferrari, and, as of July 13th 2020, I am the new Director of Faculty Development. I am a Professor of media criticism in the Department of Media Arts, Design, and Technology, and I am eager to support your needs throughout this academic year! 

Towards this end, I encourage you to explore our webpage(opens in new window) and to participate in our programs(opens in new window) and forums(opens in new window).  

In particular, I want to direct your attention to two opportunities in support of online learning and teaching: 

  1. Digital Pedagogy FLC: there is currently an open call (Google Doc) for a faculty learning community led by Dr. Kim Jaxon. The deadline to submit applications(opens in new window) is September 3rd.  
  2. Go Virtual Community: all faculty are invited to participate in the Go Virtual Community asynchronously in Google Currents(opens in new window) and synchronously in weekly Zoom meetings(opens in new window). Meetings are scheduled every Wednesday from 11 am to 12 pm, starting tomorrow, August 26th. Join us to share your questions, needs, and ideas about online learning. Dr. Jaxon shares some instructions(opens in new window) on how to join Currents (the video has no audio). 

Additional resources and programs will be shared with all faculty as soon as they become available. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for any questions! You can contact me at in new window).  

While I realize that this year is a particularly challenging one for instructors, I cannot tell you how amazed I am at the efforts that faculty have put into course design, innovative pedagogical practices, and in general, towards supporting students in this difficult transition to our virtual environment. I am proud and I look forward to serving you this year! 

If you’d like to comment on this or any other Tuesday Tip, visit the FDEV Blog(opens in new window).