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November 2020 Tuesday Tips

3 November 2020:

Today is a complex day, made even harder by the lack of human interaction that we are all experiencing due to Covid-19.

Ann Schulte, our director of Civic Engagement, reminds us that the presidential election is an important event, especially for those who are voting for the first time, like many of our students. Our democracy, however, depends on far more civic participation than once every four years. Being an ally and working to make a difference in our local communities happens every day. We can help our students use their voice and learn to advocate through many different avenues.

The Chronicle of Higher Education(opens in new window) offers some advice about preparing students for the aftermath of the election in our mostly virtual world. Inside Higher Ed(opens in new window) offers lessons from the 2016 election and reminds us that “we need a framework to engage and support our students.”

In this spirit, we want to share some available resources:

Today’s tip is really about trying to take extra care of your students and yourselves in the coming days, as we navigate a historical election.

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10 November 2020:

Hello? Anyone out there? 

Wondering if anyone is behind those black screens? Looking for new ways to check-in and engage students or colleagues online?  Poll Everywhere might be able to assist you! Poll Everywhere is Chico State’s new online polling software available to all instructors, staff, and students for free. Come and learn the various engagement activities available to you and how they can easily be incorporated into your PPT presentations, Google Slides, and into Blackboard.   

Faculty, staff and students must use their Chico State campus email address with the account.  

BROWN BAG SESSION: Poll Everywhere 

WHO: Claudine Franquet, ITC in TLP 

WHEN: Friday, October 16th 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Zoom(opens in new window) 

Meeting ID: 919 3973 8505 

Password: Chico 

This Tuesday Tip is brought to you by Claudine Franquet, instructional technology consultant in the Technology & Learning Program. 

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17 November 2020:

The Office of Faculty Development(opens in new window) is excited to share with you the call for applications for all Spring 2021 programs. The Faculty Development Advisory Board was instrumental in helping me understand and address faculty’s needs, and we hope that these offerings will provide support for your teaching and your professional growth and achievement.

The offerings include both Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), tied to specific meeting dates and times, and other programs designed to allow for more flexibility in participation.

Please refer to the calls for application below:

Closing the Equity Gaps Faculty Learning Community (Google Doc)

Digital Pedagogy Faculty Learning Community (Google Doc)

Faculty Writing Community (Google Doc)

Quality Learning and Teaching Workshops (Google Doc)

All calls for applications will close on Monday, December 7th, at 5:00 p.m. You can find a list of all open calls in our FDEV Programs page(opens in new window).

We also want to announce that the deadline for applications for the Go Virtual Intersession(opens in new window) has been extended to December 2nd.

We encourage you to attend it, if you did not have a chance to attend the Go Virtual institute in the summer.

We look forward to receiving your applications and being able to offer you continued support!

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