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In partnership with the Meriam Library, the Office of Faculty Development has selected a list of electronic publications that cover key areas of faculty interests and responsibilities. The books below are all accessible to our campus community via the Ebook Central database and require login through a Chico State ID. We hope to increase this Virtual Library with your help, so feel free to email in new window) with your title recommendations. Click the button below to search the full Ebook Central database.

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CoverBook Title and LinkAuthorTopic
Building Academic Leadership Capacity : A Guide to Best Practices Cover ImageBuilding Academic Leadership Capacity : A Guide to Best Practices(opens in new window)Walter H. Gmelch and Jeffrey L. BullerAcademic Leadership
Assessment Essentials : Planning, Implementing, and Improving Assessment in Higher Education Cover ImageAssessment Essentials : Planning, Implementing, and Improving Assessment in Higher Education(opens in new window)Trudy W. Banta, Catherine A. Palomba, and Jillian KinzieAssessment
Cultures of Curriculum Cover ImageCultures of Curriculum(opens in new window)Pamela Bolotin JosephCurriculum
Building Democracy Through Education on ersity Cover ImageBuilding Democracy Through Education on Diversity(opens in new window)Suzanne Majhanovich and Régis MaletEquity and Diversity in Education
Coming in from the Margins : Faculty Development's Emerging Organizational Development Role in Institutional Change Cover ImageComing in from the Margins : Faculty Development's Emerging Organizational Development Role in Institutional Change(opens in new window)Connie Schroeder, Phyllis Blumberg, Nancy Van Note Chism, Catherine E. Frerichs, Susan Gano-Phillips, Devorah Lieberman, Diana G. Pace, and Tamara RosierFaculty Development
Beyond Foundations : Developing As a Master Academic Advisor Cover ImageBeyond Foundations : Developing As a Master Academic Advisor(opens in new window)Thomas J. Grites, Marsha A. Miller, and Julie Givans VolerMentorship & Advising
Assessment Strategies for Online Learning : Engagement and Authenticity Cover ImageAssessment Strategies for Online Learning : Engagement and Authenticity(opens in new window)Dianne Conrad and Jason OpenoOnline Education & Instructional Design
Designing and Teaching Undergraduate Capstone Courses Cover ImageDesigning and Teaching Undergraduate Capstone Courses(opens in new window)Robert C. Hauhart and Jon E. GraheResearch Practices
A Clinician's Guide to Teaching Mindfulness : The Comprehensive Session-By-Session Program for Mental Health Professionals and Health Care Providers Cover ImageA Clinician's Guide to Teaching Mindfulness : The Comprehensive Session-By-Session Program for Mental Health Professionals and Health Care Providers(opens in new window)Christiane Wolf, J. Greg Serpa, Jack Kornfield, and Trudy GoodmanWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverThe Department Chair As Transformative Diversity Leader: Building Inclusive Learning Environments in Higher Education(opens in new window)Edna Chun, Alvin Evans, and Walter H. GmelchAcademic Leadership
Book CoverAssessment for Learning in Higher Education(opens in new window)Kay Sambell, Liz McDowell, and Catherine MontgomeryAssessment
Book CoverEngaging the Curriculum(opens in new window)Ronald Barnett and Kelly CoateCurriculum
Book CoverClosing the Education Achievement Gaps for African American Males(opens in new window)Theodore S. Ransaw and Richard MajorsEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverFaculty Development and Student Learning: Assessing the Connections(opens in new window)William Condon, Richard Haswell, Ellen R. Iverson, Cathryn A. Manduca, Carol Rutz, Gudrun Willett, Mary Taylor HuberFaculty Development
Book CoverFaculty Diversity: Removing the Barriers(opens in new window)JoAnn MoodyMentorship & Advising
Book CoverEducational Technology and Pedagogic Encounters: Democratic Education in Potentiality(opens in new window)Yusef Waghid, Faid Waghid, and Zayd WaghidOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverDesign As Research: Positions, Arguments, Perspectives(opens in new window)Gesche Joost, Katharina Bredies, Michelle Christensen, Florian Conradi, and Andreas UnteidigResearch Practices
Book CoverBreaking Free from Depression: Pathways to Wellness(opens in new window)Jesse H. Wright and Laura W. McCrayWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverThe Essential Department Chair: A Comprehensive Desk Reference(opens in new window)Jeffrey L. BullerAcademic Leadership
Book CoverDeveloping Effective Assessment in Higher Education: A Practical Guide(opens in new window)Sue Bloxham and Pete BoydAssessment
Book CoverEnsuring High-Quality Curriculum: How to Design, Revise, or Adopt Curriculum Aligned to Student Success(opens in new window)Angela Di Michele LalorCurriculum
Book CoverDoing the Right Thing: How Colleges and Universities Can Undo Systematic Racism in Faculty Hiring(opens in new window)Marybeth GasmanEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverFaculty Development in the Age of Evidence: Current Practices, Future Imperatives(opens in new window)Andrea L. Beach, Mary Deane Sorcinelli, Ann E. Austin, and Jaclyn K. RivardFaculty Development
Book CoverMentoring As Transformative Practice: Supporting Student and Faculty Diversity(opens in new window)Caroline S. TurnerMentorship & Advising
Book CoverEquity and Instructional Technologies(opens in new window)Sarah Lohnes Watulak, Rebecca Woodard, and Nathan PhillipsOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverDesign of Technology-Enhanced Learning: Integrating Research and Practice(opens in new window)Matt BowerResearch Practices
Book CoverCrisis Education and Service Program Designs: A Guide for Administrators, Educators, and Clinical Trainers(opens in new window)Miracle R. Hoff and Lee Ann HoffWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverWomen in Global Science: Advancing Academic Careers Through International Collaboration(opens in new window)Kathrin ZippelAcademic Leadership
Book CoverImproving Assessment Through Student Involvement: Practical Solutions for Aiding Learning in Higher and Further Education(opens in new window)Nancy FalchikovAssessment
Book CoverHigher Education of Sustainability: Cases, Challenges, and Opportunities from Across the Curriculum(opens in new window)Lucas F. JohnstonCurriculum
Book CoverEquity in Instructional Technologies(opens in new window)Sarah Lohnes Watulak, Rebecca Woodard, and Nathan PhillipsEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverNavigating Academia: A Guide for Women and Minority STEM Faculty(opens in new window)Pauline Mosley and S. Keith HargroveFaculty Development
Book CoverMutuality, Mystery, and Mentorship in Higher Education(opens in new window)Mary Jo HinsdaleMentorship & Advising
Book CoverInnovations in Technology Enhanced Learning(opens in new window)Anton Ravindran and Liz BaconOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverHandbook of Research on Teaching(opens in new window)Courtney Bell and Drew GitomerResearch Practices
Book CoverLearned Mindfulness: Physician Engagement and M.D. Wellness(opens in new window)Frank John NinivaggiWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverImproving Student Engagement and Development Through Assessment: Theory and Practice in Higher Education(opens in new window)Lynn Clouder, Christine Broughan, Steve Jewell, and Graham SteventonAssessment
Book CoverInternationalizing Higher Education: Critical Collaborations Across the Curriculum(opens in new window)Rhiannon D. Williams, Amy Lee, and Amy LeeCurriculum
Book CoverGrading for Equity: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Transform Schools and Classrooms(opens in new window)Joe FeldmanEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverRethinking Teaching in Higher Education: From A Course Design Workshop to A Faculty Development Framework(opens in new window)Alenoush Saroyan and Cheryl AmundsenFaculty Development
Book CoverInstructional Design for Learning: Theoretical Foundations(opens in new window)Norbet M. Seel, Thomas Lehmann, Patrick Blumschein, and Oleg A. PodolskiyOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverLiterature Review and Research Design: A Guide to Effective Research Practice(opens in new window)Dave HarrisResearch Practices
Book CoverMental Health, Psychiatry, and the Arts: A Teaching Handbook(opens in new window)Victoria TischlerWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverLearning Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Faculty(opens in new window)Elizabeth F. Barkley and Claire H. MajorAssessment
Book CoverReconstituting the Curriculum(opens in new window)M. R. Islam, Gary M. Zatman, Jaan S. Islam, and Rafiqul IslamCurriculum
Book CoverHispanic-Serving Institutions in American Higher Education(opens in new window)Jesse Perez Mendez, Fred A. Bonner II, Robert T. Palmer, Frank Hernandez, and Laura I RendonEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverScholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate(opens in new window)Todd C. Ream, John M. Braxton, Ernest L. Boyer, and Drew MoserFaculty Development
Book CoverMultimodality in Higher Education(opens in new window)Esther Breuer and Arlene ArcherOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverNERD - New Experimental Research in DesignMichael Erlhoff and Wolfgang JonasResearch Practices
Book CoverMindfulness: Be mindful. Live in the moment.(opens in new window)Gill HassonWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverUsing Evidence of Student Learning to Improve Higher EducationGeorge D. Kuh, Stanley O. Ikenberry, Natasha A. Jankowski, Timothy Reese Cain, Peter T. Ewell, Pat Hutchings, Jillian Kinzie, and Timothy Reese CainAssessment
Book CoverStrategic Curriculum Change in Universities: Global TrendsPaul Blackmore and Camille B. KandikoCurriculum
Book CoverInclusive Education: Making Sense of Everyday PracticeVicky Plows and Ben WhitburnEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverThe Breadth of Current Faculty Development: Practitioners' Perspectives(opens in new window)C. William McKee, Mitzy Johnson, William F. Ritchie, and W. Mark TewFaculty Development
Book CoverOnline Teaching at Its Best: Merging Instructional Design with Teaching and Learning Research(opens in new window)Ludwika A. Goodson and Linda B. NilsonOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverReclaiming Indigenous Research in Higher Education(opens in new window)Robin Zape-tah-hol-ah Minthorn, Theresa Jean Stewart, Heather J. Shotton, Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy, Charlotte Davidson, Stephanie Waterman, Erin Kahunawai Wright, Adrienne Keene, Amanda Tachine, and Sweeney WindchiefResearch Practices
Book CoverThe Next Moment: Exploring Post-Reconceptualization(opens in new window)Erik MalewskiCurriculum
Book CoverMindfulness and Acceptance in Multicultural Competency: A Contextual Approach to Sociocultural Diversity in Theory and Practice(opens in new window)Akihiko MasudaWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverInternationalizing Teaching and Teacher Education for Equity: Engaging Alternative Knowledges Across Ideological Borders(opens in new window)Jubin Rahatzad, Hannah Dockrill, and Suniti SharmaEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverOnline Teaching Practices: Sociomaterial Matters in Higher Education Settings(opens in new window)Karin BolldOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverReading, Research, and Writing(opens in new window)Mary Snyder BroussardResearch Practices
Book CoverMindfulness in the Classroom: Mindful Principles for Social and Emotional Learning(opens in new window)Season MusseyWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverMaking Education Inclusive(opens in new window)Elizabeth Walton and Sharon MoonsamyEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverSmall Teaching Online: Applying Learning Science in Online Classes(opens in new window)Flower Darby and James M. LangOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverNature Rx: Improving College-Student Mental Health(opens in new window)Donald A. Rakow and Gregory T. EellsWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverTeaching to Transgress(opens in new window)Bell HooksEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverSocial Presence in Online Learning: Multiple Perspectives on Practice and Research(opens in new window)Aimee L. Whiteside, Amy Garrett Dikkers, Karen Swan, and Charlotte Nirmalani GunawardenaOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverPromoting Human Wellness: New Frontiers for Research, Practice, and Policy(opens in new window)Margaret Schneider Jamner and Daniel StokolsWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverTransforming Higher Education Through Universal Design for Learning: An International Perspective (opens in new window)Bracken and Katie NovakEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverThe Disruptive Power of Online Education: Challenges, Opportunities, Responses(opens in new window)Andreas Altmann, Bernd Ebersberger, Claudia M Ssenlechner, and Desiree WieserOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverThe Art of Noticing Deeply: Commentaries on Teaching, Learning and Mindfulness(opens in new window)Jan Buley, David Buley, and Rupert CollisterWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverThe Future of Innovation and Technology in Education: Policies and Practices for Teaching and Learning Excellence(opens in new window)Anna Visvizi, Miltiadis D. Lytras, and Linda DanielaOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverThe Mindfulness Teaching Guide: Essential Skills and Competencies for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Interventions(opens in new window)Rob BrandsmaWellness, Mindfulness, Mental Health
Book CoverThe Online Teaching Survival Guide: Simple and Practical Pedagogical Tips(opens in new window)Judith V. Boettcher and Rita-Marie ConradOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverVisual Design for Online Learning(opens in new window)Torria DavisOnline Education & Instructional Design
Book CoverEducation Abroad and the Undergraduate Experience: Critical Perspectives and Approaches to Integration with Student Learning and Development(opens in new window)Elizabeth Brewer, Anthony C. Ogden, and Brian WhalenEquity & Diversity in Education
Book CoverEquity By Design: Delivering on the Power and Promise of UDL(opens in new window)Mirko Chardin and Katie R. NovakEquity & Diversity in Education
Book coverBecoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions: Opportunities for Colleges and Universities (opens in new window)Gina Ann GarciaEquity & Diversity in Education
Book coverHispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) in Practice: Defining Servingness at HSIs(opens in new window)Gina Ann GarciaEquity & Diversity in Education
BookUnderstanding by Design(opens in new window)Grant Wiggins and Jay McTigheOnline Education & Instructional Design