Proposed Campus Fee Adjustments

Proposed Campus Fee Adjustments

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Affairs are engaging the entire campus community to inform students about proposed adjustments to the Health Services Fee, Athletics Fee and the Student Learning Fee. We invite you to learn about the proposal, voter information, and ways to share your opinion.


As you may know, campus-based student fees provide the base funding for many important programs that prepare our students for success, support student well-being, enhance the college experience and build campus pride. These locally managed fees are necessary because State appropriations and tuition do not provide adequate funding to deliver these key programs. The services of the Student Health Center, activities offered by Athletics and Recreational Sports and the enhanced hands-on educational opportunities provided by the Student Learning Fee are essential for the comprehensive educational experience expected by students today.  These programs have been strained financially for a number of years because fee revenues at the current level are not keeping up with the cost of student health care needs, the increases in mandatory costs and the rapid changes in educational technology and disciplinary programming.

At the current funding levels students will experience the following impacts. This proposal seeks to eliminate these negative experiences and continue to improve services provided to our students.

  • Long walk-in wait times and limited Student Health Center hours
  • A lack of available appointment openings in counseling
  • Not enough medical providers and counselors to meet day-to-day health and well-being needs
  • Outdated equipment and hardware in classrooms and labs
  • Reduction on software applications and library journal and reference licenses
  • Limited support services such as tutoring and fewer student travel opportunities for competitions and educational enhancements
  • Elimination of the current Athletics program and reduction of programs offered by Recreational Sports programs

These problems reflect our underfunded state and show no signs of improving. They need to be addressed today for our students.


To address the critical needs for students, the campus is requesting an adjustment to the Student Health Services, Athletics, and Student Learning Fees. If approved, the fee adjustments will address limitations by hiring additional medical and counseling staff to cut wait times for walk-ins and future appointments, ensure we maintain top-notch intercollegiate athletics, intramural and recreational sports programs, and provide needed funds to support student learning that occurs across campus and in our seven Colleges. Our goal is to adjust fees in order to sustain our programs for the next 8-10 years to meet the educational, physical, and mental health needs of our students.

Summary of Proposed Fee Adjustments
Student FeeCurrent SemesterProposed Semester$ Change
Student Health Services$138$237$99
Student Learning Fee$38$78$40

These fees are classified as Category II fees, which are campus mandatory fees. Category II fees are “fees that must be paid to enroll in or attend the university.” In accordance with the Education Code and Executive Order 1102(opens in new window), this fee proposal is subject to either an advisory student referendum or an alternative consultation mechanism. Either method is advisory to the President. After discussion with the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC), the President has selected the process of alternative consultation and further decided to conclude the fee-adjustment process with an advisory student referendum. The student vote will take place in late April and the results of the referendum shall be taken into consideration prior to a final decision.