Proposed Campus Fee Adjustments

Policies & Process

CSU Executive Order 1102 (PDF) guides the university on establishing and managing student fees. Specifically, how we engage the campus community for fee adjustments. The University can utilize alternative consultation to obtain advice from the student body on a proposal to establish or adjust a campus-based Category II fee. The alternative consultation process is designed to share information with students to assist them in developing an informed opinion on the fee proposal.

Campus-based Category II fees are mandatory campus registration fees that must be paid to enroll in state supported instruction. See Chico State's campus-based fees for 2017-18(opens in new window) for more information.

The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and Vice President for Student Affairs are leading an alternative consultation process to provide relevant information to students. The process will include various meeting with campus groups to discuss information about the fee adjustment proposal. Students are asked to share their opinions either electronically or in writing by the end of the consultation period on March 16, 2018.

Students can access all information online during the alternative consultation period, including fees, objective statement (coming soon), pro/cons (coming soon), financial information, and how to submit comments.

Summary of Process

  • Registered students will be given an opportunity to comment on the fee proposal online
  • The University shall make educational information available to students online and include an objective statement (coming soon)
  • Information will be distributed weekly in Student Announcements
  • Information will be published weekly in the Orion
  • There will be 4 open forums for students to ask questions regarding the fee proposal and voice their opinion
  • Student input will be collected verbally, online, or in writing
  • The results of the alternative consultation process will be summarized in a report, shared with the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) and used as additional advisory information that will be taken into consideration by the President. If approved, the adjusted Category II fees shall be implemented the subsequent fall semester.

How Students Share their Opinions

Students are encouraged to submit their comments regarding the proposed fees:

  • CSU policy indicates students can submit comments once online by the end of the alternative consultation period or in writing at one of the open forums.
  • Students participating in open forums can provide additional comments, either collectively or as individuals. Feedback can be given to staff during the presentation or sent after electronically or in writing by March 16, 2018.