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Proposed Campus Fee Adjustments

Presentations for Students

We are committed to educating students and supporter groups about the proposed fee adjustments. Listed are the student groups that will be engaged during the consultative period.

Student Presentation Groups

DateTimeStudent GroupLocation
2/14/20182:00 p.m.Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC)SSC 206
2/19/20184:00 p.m.AS Government Affairs CouncilBMU 205
2/23/201811:00 a.m.Student Academic SenateBMU 209
3/1/20189:00 a.m.Open ForumKendall 207/209
3/1/20186:00 p.m.Open ForumUHUB
3/6/20192:00 p.m.Open ForumBMU 203
3/6/20187:00 p.m.Student-Athlete Advisory CommitteeSSC 150
3/7/20189:00 a.m.Open ForumColusa Hall 100 A
3/9/20183:30 p.m.Student Health Advisory CommitteeHealth Center 210

Supporter Groups

2/15/20182:30 p.m.Academic SenateKendall 207/209
3/1/20182:30 p.m.University Budget CommitteeKendall 207/209