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CFS Guide 1: Setup - Log into Peoplesoft (PDF)Instructions for logging into CFSProcurement & Contract Services
CFS Guide 2: Navigating CFS Fluid User Interface (PDF)Overview of CFS navigation and instructions for personalizing homepages and using tilesFinancial Services
CFS Guide 3: Setup - Personalize my Entry Fields (PDF)Instructions for personalizing data entry in CFS-generally done one time onlyProcurement & Contract Services
CFS Guide 4: Setup - Personalize my Print Fields (PDF)Instructions for personalizing requisition printing-generally done one time onlyProcurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 1: How To Shop (PDF)Instructions for shopping through CSUBUYProcurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 2: How to Shop Forms (PDF)Instructions for Shopping through Forms on CSUBUYProcurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 3: How to Search Requisitions (PDF)Instructions for searching requistions Procurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 4: Basic and Advanced Search (PDF)Instructions on how to do a basic vs. an advanced searchProcurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 5: Updating Chartfields (PDF)Instructions on updating chartfield Procurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 6: Change Requests (PDF)Instructions on creating Change RequestsProcurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 7: Withdraw a Requisition (PDF)Instructions on withdrawing a requisitionProcurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 8: Create a Receipt (PDF)Instructions on creating a receiptProdurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 9: Voucher Pay Status (PDF)Instructions on Checking a voucher's pay statusProdurement & Contract Services
CSUBUY Guide 10: Approver Functions (PDF)Instructions on how to Approve, Return, or Reject a RequisitionProcurement & Contract Services
Choose the Correct Account Code(opens in new window)Used to assist with choosing appropriate expenditure accountsFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Choose the Correct Category Code (XLS)Matrix for helping choose the correct account codeProcurement & Contract Services
Determining Budget vs. Actual Transfer (PDF)General decision tree to assist with determining most appropriate correction methodFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Goods and Services Processing Matrix (PDF)Detailed processing and bidding requirements for procurement requests for goods, services and information technologyProcurement & Contract Services
Year-End REQ Entry Instructions (PDF)Instructions for 2022/23 Contract and Service Order RenewalsProcurement & Contact Services