Financial Services

Policies & Procedures

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Policies & Procedures
Buy Recycled Campaign(opens in new window)CSU Buy Recycled Campaign informationProcurement & Contract Services
Cash Management Procedures (PDF)Campus procedures related to accepting, depositing, and safekeeping of cashStudent Financial Services
Chargeback (CAF) Manuel (PDF)Campus service center chargeback processFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Contractor/Supplier Parking & Driving on Campus(opens in new window)Campus parking and driving informationProcurement & Contract Services
CPO Guidelines (PDF)Process for reimbursements between CSU campusesAccounts Payable
Credit Card Acceptance Procedure (PDF)Acceptance of credit card payments and compliance with PCI standardsStudent Financial Services
Direct Payment Procedure (PDF)Payments directly to specific types of offsite vendors and reimbursement to University employeesProcurement & Contract Services
General & Outgoing Disbursements Procedure (PDF)Describes the payment process for all types of disbursementsAccounts Payable
Hospitality Expense Procedures (PDF)Definitions and processing instructions on hospitality type expendituresProcurement & Contract Services
Interim/Acting Lodging Reimbursement Procedures (PDF)Lodging reimbursement for Interim and Acting employeesAccounts Payable
Moving & Relocation Procedures(opens in new window)Moved to HR/forms/Employment Services 
Petty Cash Procedures (PDF)Low dollar reimbursement using petty cashAccounts Payable
Pre-Tax Parking Deduction (PDF)Pre-tax benefit available through payroll deduction for qualified parkingFinancial Accounting & Reporting
ProCard Procedures (PDF)ProCard program process, training and cardholder informationProcurement & Contract Services
ProCard Reconciliation Cycle Dates (PDF)Reconciliation timeline & deadlinesProcurement & Contract Services
ProCard Reconciliation Procedures (PDF)Detailed instructions on how to reconcile ProCard statements in CFSProcurement & Contract Services
Small Business/DVBE Policy(opens in new window)CSU Small business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise program informationProcurement & Contract Services
Small Business/DVBE Vendor List (XLS)List of small business/Disabled Veteran BusinessProcurement & Contract Services
State Administrative Manual(opens in new window)Reference resource for statewide policies, procedures, requirements and informationFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Travel Credit Card Procedures (PDF)Credit card use and expectationsAccounts Payable
Travel Procedures (PDF)Information about general travel for stateAccounts Payable
Unauthorized Purchase Policy (PDF)Procedure governing after-the-fact/unauthorized purchasesProcurement & Contract Services
US Bank Travel Credit Card Procedures (PDF)This card program is being phased outAccounts Payable
Vehicle Purchase Policy and Procedures(opens in new window)Link to EM99-033 on vehicle purchases and donationsProcurement & Contract Services
Voyager Fleet Card Program (PDF)Gas card program for campus vehiclesAccounts Payable
Year End - Encumbrance Rollover Process (PDF)General year-end procedures related to rollover of open PO balancesFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Year End - Obligation Process (PDF)General year-end close procedures to record amounts due to vendorsFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Year End - Prepaid Expenditure Process (PDF)Procedure to record payments in current year for services to be received in future fiscal yearFinancial Accounting & Reporting