Financial Services

Policies & Procedures

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Policies & Procedures
Accounts Receivable Management Procedures (PDF)Campus procedures related to accounts receivable management and safeguards.Student Financial Services
Buy Recycled Campaign(opens in new window)CSU Buy Recycled Campaign informationProcurement & Contract Services
Cash Management Procedures (PDF)Campus procedures related to accepting, depositing, and safekeeping of cashStudent Financial Services
Chargeback (CAF) Manuel (PDF)Campus service center chargeback processFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Contractor/Supplier Parking & Driving on Campus(opens in new window)Campus parking and driving informationProcurement & Contract Services
Credit Card Acceptance Procedure (PDF)Acceptance of credit card payments and compliance with PCI standardsStudent Financial Services
General & Outgoing Disbursements Procedure (PDF)Describes the payment process for all types of disbursementsAccounts Payable
Hospitality Procedures (PDF)Definitions and processing instructions for hospitality expendituresProcurement & Contract Services
IFT Guidelines (formerly CPO) (PDF)Process for reimbursements between CSU campusesFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Interim/Acting Lodging Reimbursement Procedures (PDF)Lodging reimbursement for Interim and Acting employeesAccounts Payable
Moving & Relocation Procedures(opens in new window)Moved to HR/forms/Employment Services 
Petty Cash Procedures (PDF)Low dollar reimbursement using petty cashAccounts Payable
Pre-Tax Parking Deduction (PDF)Pre-tax benefit available through payroll deduction for qualified parkingFinancial Accounting & Reporting
ProCard Procedures (PDF)ProCard program process, training and cardholder informationProcurement & Contract Services
ProCard Reconciliation Cycle Dates (PDF)Reconciliation timeline & deadlinesProcurement & Contract Services
ProCard Reconciliation Procedures (PDF)Detailed instructions on how to reconcile ProCard statements in CFSProcurement & Contract Services
Reimbursement for Campus Employees Procedure (PDF)Reimbursement to University employees for non-hospitality itemsProcurement & Contract Services
Small Business/DVBE Policy(opens in new window)CSU Small business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise program informationProcurement & Contract Services
Small Business/DVBE Vendor List (XLS)List of small business/Disabled Veteran BusinessProcurement & Contract Services
State Administrative Manual(opens in new window)Reference resource for statewide policies, procedures, requirements and informationFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Student Payment Categories(opens in new window)Reference for varied categories of payments to students, considerations and payment methodsFinancial Services
Supplier Direct Pay Procedure (PDF)Payments directly to specific types of suppliersProcurement & Contract Services
Travel Credit Card Procedures (PDF)Credit card use and expectationsAccounts Payable
Travel Procedures(opens in new window)Information about general travel for stateAccounts Payable
Unauthorized Purchase Policy (PDF)Procedure governing after-the-fact/unauthorized purchasesProcurement & Contract Services
Vehicle Purchase Policy and Procedures(opens in new window)Link to EM99-033 on vehicle purchases and donationsProcurement & Contract Services
Voyager Fleet Card Program (PDF)Gas card program for campus vehiclesAccounts Payable
Year End - Encumbrance Rollover Process (PDF)General year-end procedures related to rollover of open PO balancesFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Year End - Obligation Process (PDF)General year-end close procedures to record amounts due to vendorsFinancial Accounting & Reporting
Year End - Prepaid Expenditure Process (PDF)Procedure to record payments in current year for services to be received in future fiscal yearFinancial Accounting & Reporting