University Financial FAQ

Background: Website was created in March 2015 to respond to campus questions around various financial matters.  In an
effort to be transparent, questions can be submitted to  The questions will be answered and
responded to by a subject matter expert.  Questions and answers posted below are relevant to the campus community as
a University Financial FAQ.

1. Where do the licensing fees go?

Licensing revenues are deposited in the Research Foundation.  User include costs and funds set-aside for Presidential
Scholarships. Chief of Staff, President's Office - March 2015

2. How much do we receive from lottery funding and how is it allocated?

The campus received $1.3M in 14/15 for direct support of educational programs.  Funding has historically been allocated to VPAA and VPSA for:  Future Scholars, Teacher Recruitment & Diversity, Retention Incentive program and various campus based programs in VPAA (library, CELT, course materials).  University Budget Office - March 2015

3. What are Campus Partners funds and how are they distributed?

Funds allocated from Continuing Education to colleges for program reinvestment, partnership agreements done with college deans.  University Budget Office - March 2015

4. What information can I access on

Using, students, faculty, staff, and other community members can access detailed information about the University budget to better understand CSU, Chico's finances.  CSU, Chico has partnered with OpenGov to provide a web-based financial transparency and business intelligence tool that dynamically presents the University's revenues and expenses, from historical trends to line item level details.  University Budget Office - March 2016

5. Where can I find information about budget terminology?

A glossary of budget and financial related terms is available on the University Budget Office website within the section “Understanding the University Budget.”  University Budget Office - May 2016

6. What are campus ARD funds?

ARD funds refer to a Research Foundation account, Campus Allocations, which include annual allocations from the Associated Students (AS), Continuing Education, and Research Foundation Grants & Contracts.  The annual allocation amounts are based on the agreements with each auxiliary organization.  The account is “owned” by Cabinet with allocation/distributions made on behalf of Cabinet to support campus initiatives.  The term “ARD” was a past distribution terminology from the AS which referred to Auxiliary Revenue DistributionFinancial Services - May 2016