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Facilities Management and Services

Director's Note

Hoorah Team FMS!  During this past year we have made tremendous strides to continue to maintain and upgrade the campus facilities and grounds.  I appreciate all of your efforts and look forward to continuing to refine our processes and make small tweaks here and there to take our organization to the next level.

We are nearly complete with our integration of TMA into our work order processes as well as the fielding of devices to help us better manage our system.  I appreciate all of you working through the kinks and embracing this change from a paper system to a fully automated, trackable system.  We are already seeing the fruits of this labor and things will only get better as using the system becomes second nature.

FMS continues to grow in relevance and importance throughout campus.  As you all know, during the last year we have grown to also now manage all construction and sustainability on campus.  These are natural fits that suit our campus goals well.  Now all projects are planned and executed with the end user and maintainer in mind, as well as we look forward to further incorporating our campus sustainability goals into all decisions moving forward.  We are in the final stages of hiring of a new Sustainability Manager who will carry our goals and objectives around campus and will be nestled in our internal planning.

On other fronts:

  1. We continue the planning for our potential new FMS warehouse and admin building.  This is an exciting opportunity for our group and we look to get everyone’s input in the final design.
  2. The Strategic and Master plan continues to move forward.  I strongly encourage you all to participate in the planning efforts that will shape this great University for decades to come.
  3. The new Science Building continues to move forward at a rapid pace.  Soon we will begin to see the project go vertical and take shape.
  4. Next month we will reopen our FMS employee survey to get your feedback.  Please take the time to let us know how things are going. 
  5. Also next month is our Second Annual FMS Veterans Day Hoorah 5k fun run/walk.  Last year was a tremendous success and we look forward to another great event.

In closing, I want to truly thank you for all of the hard work and Can Do spirit.  You are what makes this University an awesome place for our students, faculty, and staff, and I can’t tell you how much of an honor it is for me to be a part of it.

Very respectfully, 

Mike Guzzi, P.E., LEED AP                                                                                         

Executive Director, Facilities Management and Services                                               

California State University, Chico