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Facilities Management and Services

Employee Of The Month

Chloe Maday

We are extremely happy to announce that Chloe Maday has been selected as the FMS Employee of the Month for October 2020. Chloe joined our Customer Support Team in April 2019. She considers what is best for our department and campus when making decisions. She is willing to support co-workers by assisting during busy times and covering during absences. She readily accepts new assignments and is excited to share new ideas, improve existing procedures, organize events, and provide excellent customer service. She has streamlined processes related to her position. Recently she has stepped up to help our department’s response to COVID and merge with University Housing. She gets along well with others in the office and is known for her positive attitude and Can Do approach to work. Her dedication to FMS and pride of a job well done make her an excellent recipient of the Employee of the Month award. 

 Congratulations Chloe!  Hoorah!