Facilities Management and Services

Heating and Cooling Services

Room Temperature

In general, the campus follows Executive Order 987, which mandates building temperatures between 68o and 78o, which is currently what the Boiler Chiller Plant uses as the boundaries for heating and cooling. For heating in the winter, steam boilers are used. For cooling in the summer, the Thermal Energy Storage system and chillers are used. During fall and spring, sometimes neither the boilers or chillers are being used as the building fan system will circulate outside air if between the temperatures of 68o-78o. The Boiler Chiller Plant does not run both the heating and cooling at the same time.

If your area is outside your temperature comfort zone, but within the 68o-78temperature, we hope that you will adjust and assist us in our energy conservation by dressing accordingly. FMS strongly discourages the use of personal heaters and fans.

Thermal Energy Storage

CSU, Chico has a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank that was built in 1994 and holds a total of 1,350,704 gallons. It allows us to cool buildings during off peak hours in the summer time, purchase power when energy rates are cheaper and also reduces the energy grid demand during peak hours. Operationally, it is more efficient to cool the water in the tank when there is a lower outside temperature.

The BCP and the TES supports the entire campus, except for University Housing & Food Service, University Farm, Foundation Buildings, and the Gateway Science Museum.