Facilities Reservations & Event Services

Facilities Reservations & Event Services (FRES)

Important Dates & Deadline Information

Spring 2024 Scheduling

Classroom requests are available January 10th for the Spring semester. Conference room and outdoor space requests are available up to a year in advance. 

Scheduling Dates

Referencing Facilities Use and Scheduling Procedures C.1, C.2
Fall Semester
DatesScheduling Group
Oct 1 – Feb 15APSS for following Fall semester
Feb 16 – July 3Continuing Ed
Apr 16 – Aug 1ATHL, RECS, UPE, and other IRA
Aug 1 – Aug 10Student Learning Center
Aug 10First come, first served
Spring Semester
DatesScheduling Group
Oct 1 – May 15APSS for following Spring semester
May 16 – Dec 31Continuing Ed
Jan 1 – Jan 10Student Learning Center
Jan 10First come, first served
DatesScheduling Group
Oct 1 – Mar 15Academic Affairs and Continuing Education
Mar 16 – Apr 15Student Affairs, UPE, ATHL, RECS
Apr 16First come, first served

To schedule an Astra Training or for any event related questions, please contact Facilities Reservations at  fres@csuchico.edu.

Who We Are

Facilities Reservations & Event Services (FRES) is a part of Facilities and Management Services (FMS) and is responsible for coordinating all aspects of reservations of general-use lecture rooms, conference rooms, auditoriums and theater space, athletic facilities, recreation or outdoor spaces, and specialty use spaces. Event planners can use this page as a tool through which cost, location, and service needs can be explored in the planning of any event to take place on the Chico State campus. Please browse around this website to explore the numerous space/room options, services, and service centers available on campus.

Event Request Forms Are Now In Astra!

The majority of event related requests are now done directly in Astra. Users are automatically assigned "Guest Access" permissions when logging into Astra Schedule with their Chico State credentials. This allows non-approved Astra users (staff/faculty) the ability to view the General Use Conference and Lecture Room Calendars. Event requests should still be submitted through your college/department ASC or appropriate scheduling contact as request options are limited under this role.

Students still need to visit Student Life & Leadership (SLL) to place their event requests.

Room/Space Request Form, AV Tech/Theatre Use Form, and Warren's Center Request Form (AEWC) will no longer be accepted. Only requests submitted through the updated Astra Schedule - Event Workflow will be accepted moving forward for events and university space.

Please view the Astra Training(opens in new window) for more information.

Space & Event Requests

Request forms are now in Astra under the Events tab. Select "Request Event" to select your date, time, and desired location. 

Event Request

Facility and Equipment Request Form (FERF)
If you are requesting any equipment or services for your event, please submit a FERF(opens in new window) to fres@csuchico.edu after you have requested your room/location for your event.
External/Guest Clients
External (non-Chico State) clients should contact fres@csuchico.edu for availability.