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Facilities Reservations & Event Services

Colusa Hall

Colusa Hall (CLSA) is a specialty use conference building available for large capacity training, conference, and events as reserved through Facilities Reservations.  There are two rooms that can be reserved – CLSA 100 A (Cap 108), and CLSA 100 B (Cap 90). The combined room capacity in the standard lecture format is 198. The set-up diagrams below are the standard layout for both rooms. Specialty setup requests will require submission of a FERF/Diagram for review and approval. Currently scheduled activities and staff availability will dictate approval of specialty setup requests, payment via CAF is required for additional charges.

  • There will be no academic classes held in Colusa 100 A/B during normal and non-normal business hours.
  • Any campus approved catering service can be used in Colusa 100 A/B. However, only AS Catering has access to the server room for refrigeration and/or prep. 
  • State entities will continue to be charged for use during non-normal hours, including Fridays after 5 p.m. and Saturdays.

Existing Furniture:

CLSA 100 A

- Table and Chair Seating – 108 (54 tables & 108 chairs)

CLSA 100 B

- Table and Chair Seating – 90 (45 tables & 90 chairs)

CLSA 110 – 116

The smaller specialty rooms to the west of the rotunda (110-116) are in use and unavailable from 8 a.m.–3 p.m., Monday-Friday.  These rooms can occasionally be made available to campus users on evenings or weekends, during normal University Hours. Submit the required Space Request Form to Facilities Reservations (FRES) via email at Requests for this space should be submitted during times of potential availability only, as outlined above.