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Facilities Reservations & Event Services

COVID-19 Event Directive & Guidelines

    Current COVID Tier for Butte County - Orange

    As of 3/31/21, Butte County is in the orange tier. We are now accepting reservation requests through May 14th. 


    COVID Event Process

    Check here for the latest regulations and requirements related to COVID-19 events. Whether restrictions increase or relax, Facilities Reservations & Event Services will post the latest requirements related to event activities to help you better prepare for your event.

    • Tier Based Activities Guidelines (PDF)
    • Process Flow Event Matrix (PDF)
    • Request Event Access - Approved Schedulers and department Administrative Support Coordinators must request access to the COVID Event Request Form by emailing Once access has been granted, the form and room availability will be viewable in Astra. Events will only be approved when the county is in an appropriate tier and the event has been determined to meet in-person criteria. 
    • Cancellation Policy - As our county moves through the various restrictive tiers, it may become necessary to cancel your event. If your event is affected due to increased restrictions, there will not be any penalties for COVID-19 related cancellations. It is requested that if alternate forms of meeting (i.e. virtual) are established, please notify Facilities Reservations as soon as possible so that we may reduce unnecessary staff and facility costs.

    Purple Tier

    Under this most restrictive tier, all gatherings are prohibited at this time. Continued on-campus staffing will remain limited to required essential services and those critical to university infrastructure.

    Red Tier

    When the county is in the red tier, gatherings are permitted with approval and modifications up to 25% capacity or 100 people, whichever is fewer. The following guidelines will be applicable:

    Orange Tier

    Types of activities and capacities will continue to increase when the county is in the orange tier. Gatherings are permitted with approval and modifications up to 50% capacity or 200 people, whichever is fewer. The following guidelines will be applicable to events:

    Yellow Tier

    The least restrictive tier will continue to have applicable conditions to maintain safety standards for the university. When the county is in the yellow tier, gatherings are permitted with approval and modifications up to 50% capacity and the following guidelines will be applicable:

    COVID Event News

    • Available Locations (TBD)

    Communication from Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

    11/9/20 Operational Directive 20-03 Amendment (PDF)

    University and Auxiliary sponsored activities, events, meetings, and gatherings on and off campus may be approved on a very limited basis in accordance with current Federal, State, County and CSU guidelines.

    8/18/20 Operational Directive Amendment (PDF)

    In accordance with the California Department of Public Health guidance for Institutions of Higher Education, while Butte County remains on the State County Monitoring List, all in-person, indoor student activities, meetings, group events or gatherings are prohibited except for approved, specialized instruction. This applies to the use of Chico State, Chico State Associated Students, Chico State Enterprises and Chico State Housing facilities. Face to face interactions for one-on-one advising, or other essential campus operations, may be permitted after completing the return to campus process and establishing proper health and safety protocol.

    7/7/20 Operational Directive Amendment (PDF)

    Any in-person gatherings are an exception to current policy mandating virtual services and will be allowed on a very limited basis. At this time, only small and medium on-campus gatherings of up to 50 people may be considered and must follow the exception approval process. For more details, please email in new window). Large on-campus events and gatherings of more than 50 people in one place at one time are restricted until Butte County has moved into later stages of reopening.
    All previously scheduled campus events for the fall remain canceled, postponed, or moved to online delivery. Athletic competitions remain suspended for fall. The vast majority of University athletics, recreational sports, and intramural and sport club programs will remain virtual.