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Food Serving Permit (PDF)

Any group serving food on campus, that is made available to the general public, must secure a Food Serving Permit (except exempt categories listed below). Food that is offered for consumption on campus must be prepared in a licensed facility. No food or beverage prepared in a private residence shall be served on campus unless they fall into the following exempt categories:

  • Professionally-catered food
  • Any food or food product made and contained (canned, bottled, or packaged) by a licensed producer that is to be served in the original container and does not require temperature control
  • Fruits that are not normally washed before eating and served in the natural form
  • Popcorn, if made in a standard commercial popper
  • Brownies, cookies, donuts and unfilled cupcakes
  • Coffee, tea, high-sugar cold beverages (e.g.: punch, lemonade), or soft drinks from commercial dispensers, that are served in single serving cups

Approved Grill/Cooking Station Locations (PDF)

  • There are currently 9 approved Grill/Cooking stations on-campus. No outside grill/cooking is allowed other than in these designated areas.
  • An Application for Food Serving Permit must be processed for any cooking or preparing of food (with the exception of approved caterers).
  • Safety equipment must be present for each outside cooking event. Equipment can be requested for check-out.

Campus Alcohol Policy

  • Alcohol service at on-campus events or off-campus university sanctioned events is approved through the University Public Engagement (UPE) office and through Risk Management.
  • There are only certain venues where alcohol may be served with University Public Engagement approval.

 Event Parking Instruction