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Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Interfraternity Council


We, as the InterFraternity Council (IFC), exist to promote the shared interests and values of our member fraternities through collaboration and a consistent dedication to the betterment of both the individual and the community. A commitment to leadership, service, scholarship, and brotherhood is the standard for our men who redefine the term ‘fraternity man’ on a consistent basis. We work to improve the overall collegiate experience of Greeks and non-Greeks alike through efforts towards inclusiveness and the advocacy of all campus members regardless of their cause or background.

We strive to advance the academic and professional missions of California State University, Chico, an institution with whom the InterFraternity Council shares a mutually beneficial relationship. As a self governing council, the IFC is able to provide a multitude of opportunities for men to grow both personally and professionally through countless leadership, skills development, and service workshops on a fluid basis, evolving to fit the most paramount topics of the time. We, the InterFraternity Council, exist to create ethical leaders bound by a higher sense of accountability, to foster a creative collegiate environment free from hostility, and to promote the interests of all students alike.

Leadership Development and Involvement Opportunities

The InterFraternity Council (IFC) places a strong focus on Greek community service and philanthropy. While each chapter holds their own philanthropic and service events to raise both awareness and donations for their chosen cause, the IFC works to promote Greek wide opportunities to impact the local Chico community. With members from every IFC chapter as well as some Multicultural Greek and Panhellenic Council men and women, over 150 Greeks were able to dedicate a part of their weekend(s) to chalking, painting, and learning with a local non-profit, Holistic Playgrounds. Within two weekends, a team of Greek men and women alongside other volunteers were able to change both the landscape and learning environment of Little Chico Creek Elementary with renovations to the school’s playground and the addition of a variety of games and learning tools to be used by the kids during recess.

Joining an IFC recognized organization allows members to take part in a host of service events covering a wide range of incredible causes. Because we encourage collaboration and inclusivity among different chapters, being a part of an IFC organization allows you to support not only your own chapter’s philanthropy, but any other that you may find interesting or noble.

IFC Chapters