Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Chapter Resources & Forms

Below you will find several resources geared towards helping you and your organization succeed at Chico State. Many forms can be filled out digitally using CatsConnect.

Robert's Rules of Order
Utilize the Robert's Rules Reference Sheet (PDF) to help run efficient meetings.
Policies and Procedures
Refer to the FSA Policies and Procedures (PDF) for questions regarding chapter operations.
FIPG Risk Management Policy
FIPG is the official risk management policy (PDF) for all CSU, Chico Greek Organizations.
FIPG Manuel

For a more in depth understanding of FIPG, review the manual (PDF).

Event Planning Guide

To ensure your event is in compliance with all of the risk management policies, complete the following guide (PDF).

Alcohol Poisoning
Know the signs and how to respond if someone has had too much to drink. Review this guide with your chapter (PDF).