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Fraternity and Sorority Affairs

Policies & Procedures


Definition of Chapter Event

A chapter event is characterized and defined by, but not limited to the following:

  1. Any event advertised to the chapter.
  2. Hosted on the chapter or annex house property.
  3. An annex is defined as any residence of 3 or more members of a chapter.
  4. Many event attendees are affiliated with the chapter.
    1. Affiliation with the chapter may include: Inactive members, prospective or new members, alumni, parents, etc.
  5. Any event an observer would associate with the fraternity or sorority chapter.

Types of Fraternity or Sorority Social Functions

  1. Off-campus, wet event. Alcohol is permitted at a third party vendor (served by a licensed, insured, third party vendor). Event Notification Form must be submitted to Wildcat Sync three (3) business days in advance.
  2. Off-campus, dry event. Some chapters may choose to host exchanges or other dry events off-campus. Event Notification Form must be submitted to Wildcat Sync three (3) business days in advance.
  3. Chapter House or on-campus, dry event (excluding weekly chapter business meetings). Event Notification Form must be submitted to Wildcat Sync three (3) business days in advance.

Guidelines for All Types of Chapter Functions

Chico State fraternities and sororities must take steps to ensure the safety of all event attendees. Chapters are expected to follow all state and local laws and university policies when planning any type of event. Chapters should also comply with all (inter)national organization policies and the FIPG Risk Management Policy (PDF) (the official risk management guidelines for the Chico State Greek organizations).

When planning social events of all types, chapters are encouraged to consider the implications of event advertising and theme. All advertising should be posted in accordance with all university policies.

Good Neighbor Policy

If an event is taking place on or near campus, the sponsoring organizations shall notify the surrounding neighborhood of the date and time it will take place. Contact information should be provided for members of the planning committee.

The surrounding neighborhood shall be cleaned of litter and debris no later than 12 PM (noon) the day following an event.

Event Planning

All chapter/council sponsored events must be registered by submitting the Event Notification Form to Fraternity and Sorority Affairs via Wildcat Sync three (3) business days in advance. This form is the means to providing documentation that all participating chapters have thoroughly planned a function to ensure the safety of all attending. Failure to submit an Event Notification Form will result in a primary warning. A second offense will result in social probation and a final offense will result in chapter suspension.

  1. Chapters are encouraged to share all event policy and risk management information with general membership on a regular basis.
  2. All events must be reviewed by FSA BEFORE it is to take place and must be appropriately reviewed by a national representative.
  3. An advisor must be present during all overnight events and those hosted outside of Chico.

Alcoholic Beverages at Chapter Events

The following additional guidelines apply to any chapter-sponsored event where alcohol is present:

  1. When an event utilizes a third party vendor, the host chapter(s) must inform the third party vendor that their business is responsible for:
    1. Providing proper licensing by the appropriate state or local authority.
      1. This might involve both a liquor license and a temporary license to sell on the premises of the event.
  2. Agreement in writing to cash sales only, which is to be collected by the vendor during the event.
    1. Drink specials and chapter-subsidized drink specials are not permitted.
  3. Establish in writing that all precautions and procedures taken during normal business hours will also be taken during the chapter-sponsored event.
    1. Checking for legal drinking age (21 years or above) and clearly marking those of legal drinking age with a wristband.
    2. Not serving minors.
    3. Not serving individuals who appear under the influence.
    4. Maintaining control of distribution of all alcoholic beverages.
    5. Removing all remaining alcohol at the end of the event (no excess alcohol is to be given or sold-to the chapter) from the premises.
  4. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased with chapter funds.
  5. No chapter members may provide alcoholic beverages to members or guests by selling tickets or cups, by charging event admission fees, by taking up a collection (passing the hat), or by using other direct or indirect means of collecting monies from persons attending chapter functions.
  6. No members or guests, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any individual under the legal drinking age.
  7. The purchase or use of bulk quantity or common sources of alcoholic beverages (e.g. kegs, cases, etc.) is prohibited.
  8. No chapter may co-sponsor or co-finance a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapter, groups, or organizations.
  9. Snacks and alternative non-alcoholic beverages must be made available.
  10. No-cost or low-cost alcohol may not be used as an enticement to attend events. Additionally, alcohol or alcoholic products may not be used as prizes, awards, or giveaways at events or programs.
  11. In no case will events with alcohol be treated as a fundraiser by chapters, as charging at the door for alcohol-related events exposes the chapter to the greatest level of liability.
  12. Open parties (those not properly reviewed by FSA) are prohibited.
  13. Guests included on the list must present a valid, government-issued ID before gaining entry to the event.
  14. Alcohol distribution must end one hour prior to the end of event.

Fraternity and Sorority Organization Requirements

Under the Greek Life Task Force Report, as adopted by the university president, University recognized fraternities and sororities must comply with the following requirements in addition to the Student Organization Policy:

Chapter Organization

  1. All chapters must have a faculty or staff advisor and an alumni chapter advisor.
  2. All chapters must belong to recognized University Greek council and adhere to all of the governing council’s rules and regulations.
  3. All chapter house property is to remain alcohol and substance free.
  4. All policy violations that fall outside of Title V and/or Title IX will be referred to the violator’s respective council judicial board for sanctioning.

Formal Chapter Recruitment

  1. All councils must submit a formal recruitment week plan that reflects a standard of values-based recruiting via the Event Notification Form. The recruitment week plan must be submitted to Fraternity and Sorority Affairs prior to the start of the respective councils recruitment week.
  2. Chapters must have their new members attend the New Member Orientation available each semester.
  3. Alcohol is not allowed before, during and after recruitment events.

University Recruitment Policy

In order to recruit, a chapter:

  • Must be recognized by the University in order to partake in formal recruitment.
  • Can only recruit new members who are full-time (at least 12 units) CSU, Chico students.
  • Can only recruit seniors, juniors, sophomores, and second-semester freshmen.
  • May begin formal recruitment on or after the 3rd week of classes.
  • Must require new members to complete a records release authorizing the University to release their academic standing and GPA to the Greek organization and Fraternity and Sorority Affairs for scholarship evaluation purposes.

In order to recruit first-time first-semester freshmen, social Greek letter organizations must ALSO: Have a chapter GPA that is .20 above the all-university GPA for the previous semester (beginning Fall 2006) They can recruit only first-time, first-semester freshmen that have a high school GPA that is .20 higher than the average high school grades of the incoming freshmen class.

Failure to comply with any of the above may result in penalties up to and including, revocation of University recognition and restriction of chapter involvement in University activities.

If University recognition is revoked, the reasons for this change in accreditation will be reported to the Inter/National Organization and on the University website.

Intake/New Member Process

  • Must be completed within 8 weeks
  • Must be completed by the end of the 1st week of the semester. Extensions may be approved by the Director of Student Life and Leadership for extraordinary purposes only (i.e. an emergency situation).
  • Any processes expected to end by the 3rd week of the academic semester must be reviewed by the chapter’s National Headquarters and Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.
    • Failure to notify Fraternity and Sorority Affairs of said process will result in an investigation.