Future Possibilities

Possibility Conversation Results

In her September 20, 2013 memo to the Academic Affairs community, Provost Wei announced a series of fall conversations that would bring us together to explore possible future states in response to our ever-changing environment. The intention was to have us focus on the future through an engagement process that acknowledges our strengths, creates new possibilities, brings our gifts to the table, invests in the well-being of the whole, and reclaims that 'special sense of place and community.'

The possibility conversations themselves were to be guided by big and bold questions that would have the power to transform our campus and inspire us all. Two questions were selected to stimulate each possibility conversation: How do we prepare our students to thrive in the 21st century? and How do we shape our academic community—all of us—for it to thrive in 21st century?

We want to express our sincerest appreciation to all members of the campus community who participated in the conversations. As the accompanying reports demonstrate, the conversations moved beyond concerns, problems and deficiencies, and shifted our focus to existing social capital, collective possibilities, and a willingness to speak into the future.

Possibility Conversation Reports (PDF)

Phase I Management Final Report (PDF)

APC Possibility Conversation Themes Report (PDF)