Future Possibilities

Phase I: Fall 2013

A series of ‘possibility’ conversations centering on declarations of a future for Chico State will be held to help us in ‘Getting It Right.’ President Paul J. Zingg highlighted the importance of the act of imaging and its complement, the act of daring, in looking forward. He challenged us to dare a new vision. To dare a different path, a different direction. To dare a new level of aspiration and accomplishment. Let us dare a declaration of the future we choose to live into!

Big questions are the tools for such engagement. They open up the conversation. They open the door to the future. They create the space for new possibilities to emerge. The questions selected for our conversations are “How do we prepare our students to thrive in the 21st century?” and “How do we shape our academic community—all of us—for it to thrive in the 21st century?” Or stated more broadly, “Collectively, what are we able to create?” This is Our Time, Our Future!