First-Year Experience

WM Keck Foundation Civic Pedagogy Grant

The funding provided by Keck has enabled our university to make dramatic strides forward in building on and better understanding the impacts on students of our already strong efforts in civic education.  Over 60 faculty members benefitted from professional development activities under this grant.  More than 7,500 Chico State students received enhanced opportunities to expand their civic capacities as a result of Keck funding.  Keck’s funds supported several conference presentations, such as the closing plenary focused on Public Sphere Pedagogy (PSP) at the American Democracy Project annual meeting in June 2012 that reached approximately 300 higher education leaders.  With additional funding from the CSU Chancellor’s Office, we developed a webinar on Keck-supported civic education that was disseminated to 50 higher education leaders at California Community Colleges and other CSUs.  Our PSP work in civic engagement is recognized nationally, including in the AAC&U’s publication, A Crucible Moment (PDF) released at a White House education summit in January 2012.