First-Year Experience Program

U-Courses: Learning by Design

Students attentively watch a presentation and work together in a group on a project

These exciting new course combinations taught in an integrated setting allow students the opportunity to connect and learn on a different level.  U-Courses provide a non-traditional approach to learning and are carefully designed based on national research into the factors that support students’ success in college.

-Build relationships with fellow students and become part of the U-Course community
-Experience a flexible, non-traditional learning environment
-Participate in creating films, blogs, and interactive exhibits
-Go beyond the classroom, into the Chico community
-Work closely with faculty and experienced college students

Within the U-Course students are treated as emerging professionals and innovators. Their work is project-based and is supported by student mentors who act as writing coaches, subject matter advisors, and project managers. Projects may include blogs, mock political campaigns, community projects, simulations, films, interactive exhibits, and much more.

What makes a U-Course a U-Course?

  • The course makes use of social and inclusive pedagogies to promote learning and a sense of belonging.
  • The course is project-based and explicit about purposes for coursework.
  • The course is often (but not always) interdisciplinary.
  • The course includes reflective writing/metacognitive learning.
  • The course has a civic/public dimension, allowing for participation in learning and action beyond the classroom.

U-Courses Fall 2022

First-Year Experience U-Course Leads and Faculty 

U-Course #1

CMST 132-50 (3 units)

U-Course #2

MATH 105-50 & 51 (3 units)

U-Course #3

SCED 102-51/ENGL 130-51 (6 units)

U-Courses Student Statements

Why should you take a U-Course? Listen to what these students had to say about their U-Course experience.