First Year Experience Program

University Academics (UNIV) Courses

Current Courses

University 101: Introduction to University Life
University 101 is designed to enhance first-year students’ personal and academic transition from high school to university life. The purpose is to make students’ first semester at Chico State a productive and successful semester, to help them get involved in the life of the University and the Chico community, and to give them a good foundation for the rest of their college career. Note: This class is only offered during the Fall semester.

University 105: Self, Identity, and Sustainability
This GE writing-intensive course provides students with an in-depth study of identity formation processes, emphasizing especially the effects of college on identity development. The course emphasizes intellectual exploration and experimentation, conversation and creative problem solving with peers and mentors, and the production of written and visual texts to engage and inform a broad audience. Students will have the opportunity to learn about Communities of Practice on and off-campus, create short videos, and more. Projects will be displayed at the end of the semester at the Sense of Place Exhibit.

University 202: Theory and Practice of First-Year Learning and Support
This course examines the developmental, social, and academic needs of first-year students using three ideas about learning:

1.    Learning is a usual human activity and everyone can do it effectively, with useful and surprising outcomes.

2.    Learning occurs when people engage in social contexts with shared purposes.

3.    Classrooms work best when students learn from each other, when students learn from teachers, when teachers learn from students, and when each participant’s contributions are valued.

UNIV 202 provides students with an opportunity to interview for and work in the First-Year Experience (FYE) Program serving first-year students through building Public Sphere Pedagogy events, Peer Mentoring, and Research on First-Year Student success. Through reading, writing, engaging discussions, and hands-on activities they gain insight on how to better notice, understand, and support the learning of first-year students. Students who successfully complete UNIV 202 meet the minimum eligibility requirements for employment in the FYE program. Credit/No Credit grading only.