First Year Experience Program

Sense of Place: A Symposium on Connection

Save the Date!

This semester's Sense of Place Symposium has already taken place, check back in next semester! If you are interested in participating, becoming a consultant, or learning more, please contact the Coordinator of the First-Year Experience Program at in new window)

What is SOP?

SOP is a biannual event designed to foster active student participation in mutual engagement with the campus and community.  Student's research and write throughout the semester about an issue of concern connected to the campus and/or community and present their research to and engage in dialogue with a public audience about the issue of concern.  Students than use that dialogue to identify ways they could further their connections with the campus and/or community.

The SOP will help students:

  • connect their classroom learning to the greater community
  • foster a sense of belonging
  • find resources offered on campus and in the community
  • encourage student involvement with the campus and community beyond the SOP event

How to get involved?

We are looking for campus and community members who can engage our students, offer positive feedback and constructive feedback, and are willing to learn and incorporate their ideas into the work they do. Volunteer slots are one hour (but not limited to) on the day of the event.

We are also looking for student organizations and campus departments who would like to table at the event to share information with students about how to get involved or what resources are offered to them at Chico State and within the Chico Community. The goal is to help our students find connection and a sense of belonging in Chico.

What students had to say about Sense of Place

"It was a unique way of raising awareness for different groups on campus. I now want to look into the KZFR radio station because I'd like to know what music is played and how bands do live performances"

"I think the exhibit was a valuable part of the event because it enabled people to get first-hand information straight from the source"

"A lot of interesting topics that the students here at Chico State should know and speak out about were discussed. Amazing information, interesting topics, and friendly people"