First-Year Experience

What are PSP Toolkits?

FYE has created “toolkits” to help others better understand what goes in to putting on our two PSP events: Sense of Place and Town Hall Meeting. Click on the links below for more information.

Town Hall Meeting

The Town Hall Meeting (THM) is our oldest, most proven, and nationally recognized program. In this toolkit you will find information about everything from recruiting community members to making name tags for the event. Our THM takes place within a tight timeframe and this efficiency is reflected in this toolkit, which emphasizes logistical considerations and scheduling. Your version of the THM may look drastically different, but these tools should still be helpful for you.

Chico Great Debate

The Chico Great Debate (CGD) is our largest and longest event, and has been nationally recognized. In this toolkit you will find information to help you in every conceivable area from publicity to moderator instructions. The CGD takes place over the course of 12 hours and incorporates a large number of students and community members, so this toolkit contains a lot of different kinds of logistical information.


The Assessment section of the toolkit will introduce you to some of our most compelling PSP results. Please contact us if you want more detailed information such as actual surveys or narrative reflections.

Your PSP project may model one of these programs or look entirely different. The toolkit is designed to give you an idea of what kinds of documents have been useful for us as you develop a program unique to your campus and community. Both of our major events are remarkable in their own ways. The toolkit is a great start, but we would love to see you at the events. We hope that you can come see us and that you experiment with public sphere pedagogy. We have a great deal to gain and nothing to lose.

If you have any questions about the materials found in these toolkits, please contact the First-Year Experience Program at (530) 898-3705.