Publicity is critical to the short and long term success of PSP programs. Our first priority is always making sure students have a positive experience at the event; however documenting the event is part of what puts the “Public” in Public-Sphere-Pedagogy.

Recently we have been working with interns from the Communication Studies or Journalism/Public-Relations programs at CSU, Chico. These advanced students frequently come to us with experience or theoretical knowledge making them valuable additions to the program. Regardless of where your help comes from, taking advantage of some existing knowledge and materials will help you publicize your PSP program.

The Brochure was designed for distribution at conferences, presentations, and talks. This document provides a quick synopsis of the Great Debate along with contact information about the event. You will notice that visuals dominate the brochure, underscoring the importance of visually documenting actions related to the event.

The Campus Announcement is designed to publicize the event through on-campus announcements and list serves. The campus audience is unique in that there is already a working knowledge of programs and a pool of key people. As is always the case, including basic information like start times and contact people allows the announcement to work as a recruiting tool.

The Press Release is designed for distribution to a broader community. Over time, we have developed a good working relationship with the City of Chico, which sends out the press release for us. You can also send a press release through your campus office. Regardless, the press release should be written to quickly engage news programs and help them identify key people for follow up. In our case, because we want to increase traffic at our Web site, we provide this contact information.