Town Hall Meeting Toolkit

The Town Hall Meeting (THM) is the oldest, most statistically proven, and most recognized PSP program on the CSU, Chico campus. The THM brings students, faculty, teaching associates, and the community together for intensive discussions about a diversity of critical topics. The webinar and toolkit give you a window into the THM, but to truly appreciate what our students are capable of you need to come see us. Consider yourself invited!

This section of the toolkit is broken up into basic areas representative of the various aspects of how we organize our THM. Not all meetings need to be organized this way, but this information should be useful to you as you consider incorporating a public sphere in your classroom.

The Course Related Materials section should help you understand how we incorporate PSP into our Political Science classrooms. Here you will find an example syllabus and assignment guides that exemplify course integration. This section is critical to understanding the course-event connection and should be a starting point as you consider PSP for your own institution.

The Logistics section covers the nuts-and-bolts of the THM. Our THMs can incorporate as many as 900 students and 100+ community members so making sure everyone knows where to go and what they are doing is critical. In this section you will find everything from sample name tags to instructions on putting together binders for staff. As events grow and change you will find the increasing importance of making sure logistical issues are resolved in advance.

The Moderators and Consultants section covers recruitment, recruiting materials, and instructions for our community partners. We recruit a large number of community partners for the event and have to organize and inform them once they arrive.

The Publicity section deals with how we publicize the event to local, national, and academic audiences. Making sure your event gets noticed is a critical piece of the puzzle, and may impact both the initial and long-term success of your PSP event. Having a press release ready to go along with promotional materials at conferences ensures your event gets noticed.