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Course Related Materials

Public Sphere Pedagogy requires a coordinated effort to move from the classroom to a public event. In this sub-section you will find materials related to the incorporation of the Town Hall Meeting into POLS 155, our required course in American Government.

The POLS-155 Syllabus introduces students to the Town Hall meeting on the first day of the semester. There is an extensive explanation of the Town Hall embedded in the syllabus and incorporated in the work of the course. Integration actually starts earlier than this as certain sections are designated “Town Hall Sections” in the course schedule. In this way, students learn about the Town Hall from the first week of the semester onward.

The Talking Points Assignment and the Final Paper Assignments are directly related to the Town Hall Program. The talking points assignment is completed prior to attending the Town Hall Meeting and prepares students for participation in the meeting. This assignment requires students to do research about a topic area and prepare for discussion. After the Town Hall Meeting they are equipped to write their final paper, which draws on their Town Hall experiences. This final assignment closes the loop for the students as they have taken their work public—received feedback—and are now incorporating that experience back into the classroom. This well developed and statistically proven sequence benefits the classroom, the instructor, and most importantly—the students!