Publicity is critical to the short and long term success of PSP programs. Our first priority is always making sure students have a positive experience at the event; however documenting the event is part of the “Public” in Public-Sphere-Pedagogy.

Students love seeing their work featured in campus publications, on the University Web Site, and in local news. In addition, administrators at the University appreciate the positive publicity that PSP programs can bring to programs, colleges, and the University as a whole.

The Press Release should compel readers to want to learn more about the event. It should contain the necessary information for release to the University and local news organizations.  In the last few years we have included links to our Facebook page as a way to distribute more information in the compact document. While many of our documents refer people to student leads, the press release directs potential contacts to the faculty coordinator. These relationships have to be built over time and the stability of the faculty coordinator position helps ensure this growth. 

The Brochure, which is a quick synopsis of the Town Hall meeting, is a document for distribution at conferences, talks, and to press at the event itself. Because this document is frequently distributed to academic audiences we make sure to include assessment results and quotes from students about the event. This document, which is semi-permanent, also refers readers to the faculty coordinator rather than a student lead, a population that may change from semester-to-semester.