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Gateway Science Museum


Whose Scat is That? (PDF)

You can tell a lot about an animal based on what it leaves behind! Footprints, teeth marks on plants, scratch marks, fur, and feathers are all signs that an animal has been around. Scat is another sign, and we can learn about its owner’s diet by investigating!

Invent an Insect

Did you know that there are over one million species of insects that entomologists (scientists who study insects) have discovered on earth? Insects make up 40% of the world’s animals. They pollinate plants, break down dead plants and animals into nutrients, and are a food source for other organisms. Start this activity by learning about insects, where they live, and what they do and then invent your very own species! (PDF)

Botany for Breakfast

Head outside and use this scavenger hunt checklist (PDF) to see if you can find each plant part and the critters that depend on them. Some animals like birds and mammals are shy, so remember to be patient and watch closely!

eaten leaf