Gateway Science Museum

Spring & Summer 2010

Backyard Monsters: The World of Insects

A praying mantis at the Backyard Monsters exhibit Step into the fascinating world of insects at Backyard Monsters, where visitors can catch sight of towering bugs such as a nine-foot-tall praying mantis and insects that are up to 96 times their normal size! These hi-tech, robotic insects not only appear real, but their actions are simulated to show real-life movements as well.

Interactive education stations are also available for exploration. Visitors can view the world through the eyes of a multi-faceted insect, create rubbings of insects which can be taken home, learn the methods of insect flight, discover how common fleas survive and adapt, and more.

Another eye-catching feature of Backyard Monsters is a world-class insect specimen collection that features numerous insects and bugs such as longhorn beetles, butterflies, arachnids, moths, and insects.

Witness: Endangered Species of North America

An owl featured at the Witness: Endangers Species exhibitThe most strikingly beautiful, yet tragically endangered, species of North America are documented in Witness, an astonishing collection of photographic portraits by Susan Middleton and David Littschwager, organized by the California Academy of Sciences.

Visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the various plants and animals currently on the Endangered Species List of North America such as the California condor, Arizona agave, northern spotted owl, grizzly bear, and more.

Each photographed plant and animal is isolated with a stark background to visually explain that these species are becoming endangered, and in one way or another, losing their natural habitats.

Summer Science

Imagine stepping into a world surrounded by colorful, ever-changing patterns of light, or exploring the wonders of the human mind. Summer Science is a collection of interactive activities that explore the fields of science, math, and psychology through hands-on activities. Scientists in your family will create electricity using magnets, move water by turning an Archimedean screw, and discover the effect of smell on memory. They'll also explore sound, simple machines, optical illusions, and much more.

Many of the Summer Science activities use common household items, allowing the creative spark in your summer scientists to expand beyond the museum's walls.

Summer Science activities are developed and organized by faculty and students in CSU, Chico's Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Psychology's Museum of the Mind.