Gateway Science Museum

Spring 2013


Students interact with one of the portions of the Sportsology exhibit Students in wheelchairs at the Sportsology exhibit A wall used to measure how high participants can jump at the Sportsology exhibit

This exciting, interactive and bilingual exhibit explores the science behind sports. Discover a series of hands-on challenges that allow visitors to test their athletic abilities while learning how their bodies work. Check out the Wheelchair Racers, measure your Vertical Leap, throw a “heater” in the radar-equipped pitching cage, put the squeeze on The Great Grip and more! Sportsology is a traveling exhibition of ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum.

Brain Teasers 2

Brain Teasers 2 exhibit

Brain Teasers 2 brings 21 new hands-on puzzles with a wide array of challenges - from mathematical conundrums to mind-boggling block puzzles - designed to develop problem-solving skills and provide plenty of fun for visitors of all ages. Brain Teasers 2 is a traveling exhibit produced by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

A table where students can work hands on with the materials A wall maze at the Brain Teasers 2 exhibit

Third Views, Second Sights: A Rephotographic Survey of the American West

Third Views, Second Sights: A Rephotographic Survey of the American West features rephotographs of historic American western landscapes and considers dynamic landscape change witnessed since the 19th century when the great expeditionary photographers, W. H. Jackson, T. H. O'Sullivan, Wm. Bell, and others, first photographed for the geological and geographical surveys. Their photographs became the benchmarks for studying change and continuity as well as examining ways of seeing and representation.

The Rephotographic Survey Project, led by chief photographer Mark Klett, revisited and rephotographed 110 of these 19th century sites during the late 1970s. The Second View Project connected the first-view icons of early American photography to second views and explored how these original images were made while documenting a century of change.

Two decades later, Klett organized a new survey team, including Byron Wolfe, now a Lantis Professor in the Department of Communication Design at CSU, Chico, to rephotograph many of the same places. Third Views, Second Sights further records a changing landscape in light of a new generation's visual sensibilities and presents 43 rephoto sets from a contemporary photographic survey that documents over 125 years of geologic, environmental, and cultural changes, while exploring changing human perceptions and representations of the landscape. The photo sets are presented with extended interpretive captions as well as field notes from William L. Fox and contemporary photographs from project photographers.