Gateway Science Museum

Summer 2013

Secrets of Circles

Secrets of CirclesSecrets of Circles interactive exhibit

Circles are pretty amazing shapes. If you look around, you’ll see that they are everywhere: in the wheels of a car, on the clock on the wall, on the tortillas on your table, and the Frisbees, tops and balls you play with. This highly interactive exhibition from the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose features 18 trilingual (English, Spanish and Vietnamese) exhibits designed to inspire visitors to ask questions and investigate the answers as they explore the math, science, and engineering of circles.


moncaIn conjunction with the Museum of Northern California (monca), Gateway presents "Explaining Creativity Through the Collection of Reed Applegate" in the James W. Cornyn Valley Gallery. monca is a non-profit organization with a collection of over 350 works of art looking for a permanent home in Chico, California.