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Gateway Science Museum

Gateway at Home

virtual curiosityHands-on activities from our current exhibits. Right now the excitement of Mission Aerospace continues! We can’t be open right now, so how about practicing making and flying your own paper airplanes and rockets at home? 

garden detectivesIn search of something to do? Tired of being inside Let’s go outside into the Garden! Here are a few activities to get you ready to be a Garden Detective.

wildlife wondersWildlife Wonders is a weekly activity posted on Wednesdays. These activities cater to different aspects within the broad term that is “wildlife”. 

fossil friday There is knowledge to be gained right under your feet! Fossil Friday will feature exciting videos about local organisms and fossilization.

science signsLearn how to sign common scientific words and phrases using American Sign Language with Curiosity Guide Jayne!

museum without walls (mwow)Watch and enjoy past seasons of our in-house lecture series. Learn about everything from small insects to space travel!