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"There's a Bug in my Room" by Marcie Joy

Activity: (PDF) Join Morgan as she reads “There’s a Bug in My Room” written by Marcie Joy! This fun book is all about being compassionate to Earth’s smallest creatures.

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This week, on Wildlife Wonders, we talked about the significance of recycling and the impact the pandemic has had on our recycling efforts. Check out this recycling activity guide (PDF) (PDF) and let us know what you find out!

Recycling Activity Book (PDF) (PDF): Learn about recycling, waste management, and enjoy fun games and crafts!

Sci-Girls Waste Audit (PDF) (PDF)Most people don’t think about what happens to the trash they throw away. Unfortunately, garbage doesn’t just disappear once it goes into a garbage can. This activity will help your children understand where the trash goes and make better decisions to reduce, reuse and recycle!