Gateway Science Museum

Children's Birthday Parties

Gateway Science Museum is available for hosting children's birthday parties for kids under 12 years old. 

For parties up to 12 children and 4 adult chaperones, a 2-hour Gateway party includes:

  • a dedicated docent to guide your group through the gallery exhibits
  • a hands-on activity of your choice (see below for hands-on activities to choose from) for your group in the Investigation Station
  • a small gift bag for each child, and
  • dedicated party space for gifts and celebration.

Additional participating adults and children may be possible with additional fee of $7 each and at the discretion of Gateway staff. A maximum of 16 children can be accommodated. EZ up tents available for additional fee.

Parties are welcome to use the tables in the garden or the amphitheater to gather and have snacks. Downtown restaurants and Children's Park are also within easy walking distance.

Cost is $175 for non-members, $150 for members*. Reservations are subject to availability. $50 non-refundable deposit due at reservation. PAYMENT IN FULL and number of participants is required at least one week in advance. Refunds for cancellations available with minimum 72 hour notice, less deposit. Birthday parties are not available on Saturdays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. *Membership must be current at the time of payment.  

For reservations and more information, please email or call 898-4121.

Groups and parties visiting Gateway are responsible for following parking requirements.


Wildlife: For all ages 
Examine pelts, skulls, teeth, foot prints, and scat. Learn about adaptations.

Garden: For all ages 
Explore the Gateway garden, learn parts of plants and the importance of pollinators.

Sound: For all ages 
Learn how the ear works and how sound travels. Make a sound sandwich.

Forensics: For ages 7+ 
Become a super-sleuth and solve mysteries using what you learn about fingerprinting.

Astronomy: For ages 7+ 
Learn about constellations, make a star wheel.

DELUXE ACTIVITIES (Additional $20 fee for the following)

Candy Chemistry: For all ages
Explore the chemical properties of popular candies and their different chemical reactions.

Non-Newtonian Fluids: For all ages
Is it a liquid or a solid? Experiment with the different properties of goop, gak and slime. 

Light and Color: For ages 7+ 
Learn how light and color work, make a spectroscope.

Birds of Prey: For ages 7+ 
Learn about birds of prey. Dissect owl pellets

Circuits: For ages 7+
Learn about electricity as you create light, alarm, or radio circuits.

Create your own curriculum:
Don’t see a science theme listed that you are interested in? Pick a different science theme for a customized activity. (Subject to discretion of Education Coordinator.)