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Flight with plane

 Mission Aerospace Fun Continues! 

Remember our exciting exhibit, Mission Aerospace, the one with the paper airplanes and rocket launchers? Well, we can’t be open right now, so how about practicing making and flying your own at home? 

  What can you discover about paper airplanes? 

  • Can make your paper airplanes out of different size and different weights and types of paper? 
  • Which kind of paper works the best for long distance flights? 
  • Which kinds of paper works best for aerobatics? 
  • Try different types of designs(opens in new window). Which designs works best for distance flights? 
  • Which designs work best for doing tricks? 

Activity 1: Paper Airplane testing - Going the Distance (PDF) Building and testing different types of paper airplanes.  What can you discover about paper airplanes? 

Activity 2: Roto-Copter Lab (PDF) Practice using a scientific procedure to determine how variables affect the fall speed of a paper helicopter. 

Activity 3: Staying Afloat (PDF) Identifying forces that allow airplanes to fly by participating in demonstrations of Bernoulli's principle. 

Activity 4: Magnetic Compasses (PDF) Explore the properties of magnets and use them to create a simple navigation tool, the compass.  

Activity 5: Paper Rockets (PDF) Design, construct, and fly paper rockets that will travel the greatest distance possible across a floor model of the solar system.  

Gateway Garden

In search of something to do? Tired of being inside Let’s go outside into the Garden! Here are a few activities to get you ready to be a Garden Detective.

Activity 1: Water Conservation (PDF) Can a plant grow without water? How do you save water and still keep your vegetables growing? Let’s find out!   

Activity 2: Radish Kids (PDF) Want to plant and see and watch it grow? Join the Radish Kids and sing along.  

Activity 3: Science Play with Food Colors (PDF) We can’t visit the store right now, but we can still have fun with a song, a book and a rainbow of fruits and vegetables!  

Activity 4: Color Wildflowers(opens in new window) Wildflowers you can color! Each coloring page includes a wildflower and facts about the flower.

Activity 5: Backyard Scavenger Hunt! (PDF) You don't have to go far to find natural wonders! How many of these natural curiosities can you find in your own backyard?