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Gateway Science Museum

Open Class Field Trips

Open Field Trips Spring 2020

Gateway Science Museum is open for classroom visits for all grade levels. Open Field trips include one hands-on standards based activity and guide-led exploration of the museum’s exhibits(opens in new window), allowing for discovery and inquiry. Experienced museum field trip guides dedicated to your class provide an introduction to the museum and lead your class through each exhibit and an activity module.

Activity Modules


Gain a better understanding of friction through this hands-on experiment with a variety of surfaces and ramps (K-2) or elastic stretch vs. surface (3-5).


Explore how you can use the evidence from an animal's pelt and skull to determine if it is a predator or prey, where they might live, and what they might eat.


Gain a better understanding of the change in energy from one form to another by completing a circuit. Explore the pathways and connections to power to light bulb, sound machines, and fans.


Gateway Science Museum Field Trips are Wednesdays and Fridays
this Spring from 9-10:20a.m. OR 10:40a.m.-noon.
Two classes may attend each time slot.

Gateway Science Museum, guests exploring exhibits with guide