Gateway Science Museum

Open Class Field Trips

Gateway Science Museum is not scheduling Field Trips for the Academic Year 20-21 at this time, but stay tuned for other educational resources including a NEW Gateway Science Lending Library bringing you valuable STEM curriculum kits that you can check out to use in your classroom, for virtual labs or at home.

Activity Modules

Gain a better understanding of friction through this hands-on experiment with a variety of surfaces and ramps (K-2) or elastic stretch vs. surface (3-5).
Explore how you can use the evidence from an animal's pelt and skull to determine if it is a predator or prey, where they might live, and what they might eat.
Gain a better understanding of the change in energy from one form to another by completing a circuit. Explore the pathways and connections to power to light bulb, sound machines, and fans.


Gateway Science Museum Field Trips are Wednesdays and Fridays
this Spring from 9-10:20a.m. OR 10:40a.m.-noon.
Two classes may attend each time slot.

Gateway Science Museum, guests exploring exhibits with guide