Gateway Science Museum

Scheduling an OPEN Field Trip


DaysWednesdays and Fridays from February 12 to May 1, 2020. Dates not available: March 18 & 20, 2020.
Times9-10:20a.m. OR 10:40a.m.-noon. TWO classes may attend each time slot. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to start time. Field trips will not be extended for late arrivals.
Cost$95 per class (maximum 32 students per class). NOTE: Classes with more than 32 students may require special arrangements, add another field trip slot, and will incur additional cost. Payment must be received two weeks from the date confirmation letter is received to secure field trip date and time. Cost also includes teacher/chaperone entry. The payment deadlines and number of chaperones required will be indicated on the Confirmation Letter sent by email after reserving a field trip date and time.
Guided Activity

Open Field Trips will include one hands-on, standards-based activity. Please rank the following three activities in order of preference:

  • Friction
  • Wildlife
  • Circuits
Chaperone Requirements

We require a minimum of 3 chaperones per class.

Chaperones are an important part of the field trip and will be able to engage in the activities and help support the museum staff by interacting with the exhibits, participating in the activities and helping children who may need to use the facilities. Chaperones will be able to help the students have a safe, focused, fun experience that they will remember for years.

No siblings will be accommodated. Chaperone Guide for Open Field Trips will be included with field trip confirmation.

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