Gateway Science Museum


Gateway Science Museum visitors and field trips groups park for FREE in the Gateway Science Museum parking lot! Open hours visitors please see this parking map (PDF). Groups visiting for a field trip at Gateway, please see this field trip parking map (PDF). There are some parking spaces designated as R4 and Reserved that are NOT available to museum visitors.

Visitors who park in the Gateway lot will still need to enter their vehicle information on the parking log. For open hours visitors, the parking log is in the gift shop. For field trip visitors, this log will be with a museum docent who should be available at the beginning of the field trip.

Do NOT park in the Bidwell Mansion parking lot, the CSUC R4 designated spaces or the 24 Hour Reserved spaces. Parking in these locations while visiting Gateway may result in a citation. All parking spaces for Bidwell Mansion have "Bidwell Mansion parking only" painted on the pavement. The R4 and Reserved spaces are identified by signs. Also be aware that many of the residential streets around the immediate area of the museum do not allow public parking.

On weekends parking spaces in the museum lot, as well as the campus lot behind the museum near the Aymer J. Hamilton building, are available for parking for free. Parking in campus lots is not restricted on weekends or official state holidays. Vehicle information does not need to be written on the parking log in the gift shop on weekends.

Additional information about parking on campus.


The Gateway Science Museum parking lot requires a parking permit on weekdays from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. One of the following permits is required to park in the Gateway lot on weekdays from 5:00pm to 10:00pm:

  1. CSU, Chico Faculty/Staff (F/S) permit
  2. CSU, Chico General (G) permit
  3. Permit purchased for zone 5309 through the Passport Parking app