General Education

General Education

While the major course of study provides in depth study of a discipline and prepares students to make a living, General Education creates a common intellectual experience that prepares students for a rich and satisfying life. General Education helps students discover the connections among various fields of knowledge and fosters an appreciation of the natural world and the many diverse expressions of human imagination and ingenuity, today and in the past.

The General Education Pathway Program offers students an integrated learning experience across the University’s academic disciplines and the opportunity to earn an interdisciplinary minor in one of 10 subjects. The resources on this page provide a guide to the Pathway program.


GE Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes by course

The GE program at Chico State prepares students for continual learning and application of knowledge to career as well as personal life. It provides the education necessary for success as a lifelong learner and civically engaged individual in the twenty-first century.



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