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General Education

Campus Input on Names of Pathways and GE Minors

The Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB), as instructed by the Academic Senate, has led a “transparent and consultative process of revising the number and/or title of upper-division Pathways and corresponding GE Minors” (EM 19-021), and has used its website as the communication hub for this process. A Campus Forum was widely advertised and announced in EPPC, in the Student Senate, in The Orion, in an All Announce email from the Provost, in Chairs’ Council, in Campus Announcements (student and employee), and in emails sent by Pathway Coordinators to all faculty currently teaching GE classes. Over 60 students, faculty, and staff attended the Campus Forum on September 10. Members of the campus community who couldn't attend the Campus Forum had the opportunity to complete an online survey or attend focus groups (announced in the Academic Senate, in Campus Announcements (student and employee), and in an All Faculty email from the Dean of Undergraduate Education). Between September 10 and September 20, CAB conducted six student focus groups and one faculty focus group (all faculty who requested a focus group were accommodated). During this process, CAB also met with many departments and offices on campus (see complete list of consultation), explaining changes to GE, and encouraging participation in the survey and focus groups. At Chairs’ Council, CAB offered to meet with any department, and met with everyone who has requested consultation.

Here follows all feedback from the Campus Forum, Online Survey, and Focus Groups, as well as additional student surveys and surveys of employers and career advisors at the Engineering Career Fair and Business Career Fair, and relevant data from the Five-Year Review of the GE Program.  CAB is weighing all of this campus input with established criteria and drafting its recommendations in three CAB meetings and two subcommittee meetings, all open to the public with published times, locations, and agendas.

Campus Forum, Online Survey, and Focus Groups

Campus Forum: 26 posters generated by 60 members of the campus community (September 10) (PDF)

Online Survey: 13 students, 29 faculty, 5 staff, 3 others (September 10 - September 20) (PDF)

Student Focus Group: 15 Student Residents and Resident Advisors, Housing (September 12) (PDF)

Student Focus Group: 11 Student (Peer) Advisors, Study Abroad (September 13) (PDF)

Student Focus Group: 5 Student Interns, Academic Advising (September 17) (PDF)

Student Focus Group: 6 Student Veterans (September 18) (PDF)

Student Focus Group: 7 Student Athletes (September 18) (PDF)

Student Focus Group: 11 Students in the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center (September 19) (PDF)

Faculty Focus Group: 3 Faculty and 1 Administrator (September 20) (PDF)

Additional Surveys to Clarify Campus Forum etc. Feedback

Employer Survey: 12 employers from Engineering Career Fair (September 19), 5 employers at Career Center resume workshop (September 17), and 8 Career Center Staff (September 17) (PDF)

Employer Survey: 20 employers at the Business Career Fair (September 25) (PDF)

Career Center Survey: 6 Advisors (September 25) (PDF)

Student Survey: 240 students representing over 50 majors in several classrooms (Ag Business, Ag Science, Civil Engineering, History, Latin American Studies, Sociology, and Spanish), two REACH groups, and First-Year Experience and Advising interns (September 30) (PDF)

Student Survey: Summary responses from 719 students (October 8-11) (PDF) and Raw Data as a PDF to conceal student email addresses (PDF)

Surveys from Five-Year Review of GE Program (2017)

Self-Study summary of 771 surveyed students (PDF)

Self-Study summary of 232 surveyed faculty (PDF)

Self-Study summary of 137 surveyed staff (PDF)

Pathway Data

Number of GE Minors granted since inception of Pathways in 2012 (PDF)

Data about Pathways and GE Minors from Five-Year Review (PDF)