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General Education

Ethnic Studies

The Academic Senate Executive Committee created an Ethnic Studies ad hoc committee (PDF) to consult with the Curriculum Advisory board on all aspects of implementation of the Ethnic Studies requirement, including, but not limited to, any proposed revisions to Chico State's GE Policy (EM 19-021).

Ethnic Studies ad hoc committee

Jesse Aaron Dizard, Anthropology
Michele Eggers, Social Work
Aydé Enríquez-Loya, English
Vanessa D. Esquivido, American Indian Studies (Vice Chair)
Susan Marie Green, Multicultural and Gender Studies
John Mouanoutoua, School of Education
Browning M. Neddeau, School of Education and Multicultural and Gender Studies (Chair)
Shawn W. Schwaller, History
Chunyan Echo Song, Sociology
Bretton A. Varga, School of Education

Fall 21 Ethnic Studies Courses

The following courses have been approved by the Curriculum Advisory Board upon the recommendation of the Ethnic Studies ad hoc subcomittee, and will meet the lower-division Area F Ethnic Studies requirement.

AAST/SOCI 152 Introduction to the Asian American Experience 
AAST/BLMC 330 Hmong Cultural Roots & Contemporary Issues 
AFAM 170 Introduction to Black and African American Studies 
AFAM 320 Hip Hop Culture 
AIST 170 Introduction to American Indian Studies
AIST 365 American Indian Storytelling/Oral Narrative 
CHLX/SOCI 157 Introduction to Latinx Studies 
CHLX 415 Latinx and Immigration
MCGS 155 and 155W Introduction to Intersectional Ethnic Studies 

Fall 22 Ethnic Studies Courses

Throughout the 2020-21 academic year, the Ethnic Studies ad hoc subcommittee will identify additional courses to meet the lower-dvision Area F Ethnic Studies requirement